Jan. 2nd, 2011

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So my freshman comp class this semester is going to be following the theme of "bromance" ... in a very loose way. We're going to start with friendships between men -- essays by Aristotle and Emerson, close reading of Beatles lyrics, Wordsworth/Coleridge writing Lyrical Ballads -- and then move onto more homoerotic content (Stoppard's Invention of Love, Eve Sedgwick's Between Men, Oscar Wilde -- and theeeeen we'll finish the semester by looking how women can (or can't) fit into a schema that values male friendship so highly. I think it sounds fun. Hard, yes, but fun too.

I start on Wednesday. I am practicing my first day speech. I used Henry V far too often as a model for my speeches last semester. I just saw the NTLive Hamlet and am sorely tempted to do a "There will be a lot of essay but, hey, at least we're not dead, right?" sort of speech now. (<-- bad idea)

Also. My orals are on the 27th. Every time I remember that (every other second), I freak out not a small amount. So.

[[livejournal.com profile] ifeelbetter is freaking out right now, brought on by typing the word "orals." We will be back with our regularly scheduled programming after these messages.]

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