Jan. 7th, 2011

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So I think it's more-or-less general knowledge that I am a bit of an insomniac. And one of the things that often works to get me to sleep is listening to very familiar books on audio. It's like a groove my brain can slip into and get carried away on. I don't know. It just works, OK?

My point is that, by this point, I know the Terry Pratchett canon SO WELL it is scary. I sometimes forget who/what I am and start slipping quotations--obscure quotations, even--into conversation with people who would DEF turn their noses up at me if they knew I wasn't speaking, I dunno, Vonnegut or something. So I love T.Pratch. I love him like whoa. And I have been trying FOR YEARS to think of a way I could assign him in the classroom. Or write a paper on him. SOMETHING. If I can write a paper about Were The World Mine, you'd think I could manage this. But no. I am stymied.

But, guys, Night Watch may be my favorite thing in the entire world. I don't even like hard-boiled eggs and, thanks to this book, I have a tendency to think of them as true happiness. And don't get me started on how much my love for lilac-as-a-scent has blossomed (ha ha, look at me pun) since I first discovered this book.

As promised, that was the big, long-winded wind-up to the fic rec: Has anyone read Psuedopolis by Resonant? Because it has significantly changed the way I read that last scene of NW. And the way Vetinari and Vimes interact. And I was already fascinated by the differences between young!Vetinari and the regular version. And--by changing the meaning of the "Afterward, we could--" in the book's final scene--this fic has sort of merged the book with fanon, if you know what I mean. It's like the fic has made fic of canon.

So. MY POINT. You should read this fic. DO IT.


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