Jan. 17th, 2011

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Apparently my adviser--who is also the only other Victorianist's adviser as well, and he's a lovely hipster type who puts a lot of effort into trying to seem like he's not putting a lot of effort into anything--so yeah, my adviser told him, point blank, "I'll be surprised if you pass prelims."


Nobody--NOBODY has failed prelims at this school in, like, a decade. It never happens. Why is she going all Mr. Hyde on this poor little hipster? I have a feeling I've been getting Dr. Jekyll all along and he's been getting Mr. Hyde and, while I am glad for my time with Jekyll, I am totally terrified of her turning in the middle of the exam.

Also. The only guy on my committee has this face. His face is always saying to me, "Did you really mean to say/do/think/be as stupid a thing as you just did?" I think it really is just how his face is. I ran into him in the hall and said, "Did you get the e-mail about the room assignment for the exam?" and he made the face at me. So. Probably not a reaction to me actually being stupid like a block of wood in his opinion and more to do with how his face is. I try to ignore his face in meetings. It's hard, though, cuz it's his face.

So. Prelims concerns: Mr. Hyde-Adviser and That Dude's Face. Oh, and, you know, allllll of the nineteenth-century.

Now, because I have been nattering on about prelims ad nauseum or WEEKS, have a fun thing:

And another one:

And lastly:


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