Jan. 22nd, 2011

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Still ostensibly working on that Arthur/Eames fake boyfriends fic buuuuuut....

I saw this photo on StumbleUpon yesterday:

It made me immediately think of Arthur and Eames's military past. Like...backstory? Anyone? Am I mad? y/n?

Also a couple of drive-by recs:

The one where Arthur has to pretend really fast and Eames's turn at doing the same by [livejournal.com profile] helenish. Like...guys. You MUST. MUST. read these. It is everything the fake-boyfriends trope was meant to be. Do you guys know about Plato's cave theory/metaphor? That the real world is filled with imperfect things, pale reflections of an ideal that we can only know through imitations, like only seeing shadows on a cave wall. These fics? They're not the shadows--they're the real deal. Fake Boyfriends Trope, undiluted, as it were. Yes, they're both that good. GO. READ. BE MERRY.
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I've had something like five or six different roommates in the past two years (not at the same time) and I am consistently amazed by how the same dumbasseries (not a word but go with me for a bit, you'll see why I needed it) keep cropping up. I am compiling this useful list of things that will make living with other people who are not family or spouses so much easier for everyone. They're simple rules. Common-sense, even.

The Rules To Living Together When You Don't Bone Or Share Relatives )

Sorry, needed to get that off my chest and--as I probably made clear--I don't want to have a rage black-out with an actual roommate. The internet is a much safer place for blowing off steam.

PS - How mean is it that the roommate in question is making my week awful when I have prelims in five days? I mean, really. Wait till next week. I will deal with your dumbassery next week.


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