Jan. 27th, 2011

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In case there's anyone out there who isn't interested in my Academic Woes, be warned: this way leads to Feelings.

Prelims, a saga in many parts. )

On a lighter note....things I have texted to people in my madness over the past week or so:

yes maybe so true but what about sudden death. like with newborns. i could get behind some sudden death right about now.

hank youn dont jinx knock all the wood

Do you think curly hair looks disrespectful?


That last one--the keyboard smash--was actually what my phone sent when I replied to a text by hitting it against my forehead.

In conclusion, I would like to offer some advice to people preparing for prelims:
1) You're more likely to pass than not if you cared enough to do the work.
2) Nerves are something you have to just admit as fact. Work around them if you can, expel them when it's possible, but don't ratchet up the stress by feeling guilt about your stress.
3) Your gut already knows your problems. They will agree with what your gut has been telling you all along. So just listen to your gut in the first place.
4) I found Edith Piaf and Garth Brooks equally energizing right before. That and cutting myself off from caffeine.
5) Read all the books.


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