Feb. 1st, 2011

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So two things: (1) I am supposed to teach at 2:30 PM tomorrow despite the fact that we will be under a fuckton of snow and I work for a University that thinks closing would be, IDEK, a sign of weakness that would prompt the snow to kick it in the balls or something and (b) I haven't finished grading the batch of papers I was supposed to have finished by tomorrow--like, I've done 5 out of 18 and (iii) we're in the middle of a blizzard that should last two days.

OK, that list went a bit wonky. BUT. Let's weigh the pros and cons of canceling class, shall we?


- I'm a hard grader and a strict taskmaster to my students--much as I always love them--so it's always good to show mercy when mercy is there to be shown
- The quality of mercy is not strained
- See, I'm quoting Shakespeare, this must be the classier of the two options
- I am, however, also listening to Ride Wit Me--I think that may negate the classiness the Shakespeare quote bought me
- It's snowy
- Like, no joke. This is serious biznis snow. This snow is not fucking around.
- Ikindofneveractuallylikeleavingmyhouse
- This also means I could push back the essay due date for the students--this goes back to the mercy thing.
- Basically, I worry about my own fascist teacher impulses--I should counter-act fascist impulses whenever possible. Ergo, cancel class.
- They have group presentations tomorrow--half of them will be absent even if I have class.


- It's my classroom and my word is law. [<--Fascist impulse, right there, to my left]
- My schedule is so fricking tight this semester. I'm not sure we'll get through everything already. Can I spare a day?
- It's a bit early in the semester to be nice--I'm still instilling fear, right?
- Walking to school in the snow is good for me. It builds character. I know this because Calvin's dad would say so.
- Leaving my house is good for me too. Otherwise, I sometimes end up spending days on end on Stumble Upon.

I think I'm leaning towards canceling. I just got The Social Network in the mail and, by golly, I want to watch it and read Edna St. Vincent Millay all day tomorrow.


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