Feb. 2nd, 2011

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So I ended up not canceling simply because I left the decision too late....by the time I had my mind made up to cancel, it would have been impossible to get the word out. Yes, I know. I am made of fail.

HOWEVER. Class was, I think, the best one so far this semester. I've been a bit more hesitant with this group than with my last just because those student evals sort of burned me at the end of the term. I just put a lot of me into that course last term and they--a slim minority, true, but a significant portion anyway--did not respond in kind. And I know that this is the curse of teacherdom--that we love and care and work and students barely know we're human. I know this. But. It has been hard to be as optimistic this semester.

So this class was the first time so far that the students were lively and engaged and so was I. It went brilliantly.

[The course is on Bromance and they were supposed to do presentations on poets responding to other poets--so Milton's poem about Shakespeare, Wilde on Keats, etc. Then we asked the obvious question--is it a "bromance" if communication can only go one way? Or if one of them is dead?]

So, yeah. Accidentally not canceling class was my best pedagogical move so far.


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