Feb. 26th, 2011

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So my roommate--the delightful lady who seems to enjoy as eclectic an assortment of things diverting as I do--and I spent a good two hours looking through youtube for old 90's music videos. (This was prompted by the NPR radio podcast called All Songs Considered telling me that the 90's are back--yay!--and proceeding to dedicate a whole podcast to their favs from the decade.) And my lovely roomie asked me to make her a CD--I make many CDs for people, often based around challenge themes like "weather" or "coffee"--of 90's music.

It has been mightily difficult. I ended up having to make two because of the sheer quantity I had. The funny part was finding a pattern to divide them by--it turned out to be "sad/angry" and "catchy." Does this summarize that decade's music? Methinks it doth...

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When I was making the list of fashion influences the other day, it reminded me of the MA project of a friend of mine...she was basically studying the discrepancy between what people think/see of themselves and whether that translates into what others actually interpret from us visually--she called it "Body Image: The Thesis"--and made me want to do a little experiment to see if my influences match up with my practice. So I decided to track my outfits for a week or so and see if I could see those influences in my clothing choices....all that below the cut.

Meta Fashion discussion this way... )

ALSO. I just finished knitting my very first hat. LOOK AT IT.
my hat


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