Mar. 11th, 2011

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So me and my ukulele, Buttercup, have been making progress. I stopped playing for a bit because my little brother made fun of us over Christmas break...but I have recently come to the conclusion that Buttercup and I simply do not care if we are not proper musicians. Lots of lovely people are not proper musicians.

Me and my ukulele...and the Tennessee Waltz. )
Suck on that, bro!

ALSO. Has everyone seen the short film starring Andrew Garfield? YOU MUST. GO NOW.

☆ I think this may be one of the best short films I've ever seen. I was totally fooled by the saccharine-sweet romance at the beginning. I almost closed the browser when it suddenly became so very fascinating. I don't know if I would call this a tragedy, a love story, or a comedy. It could be any of those and about a million other options all at the same time.

The rest of my waffle about this film contains spoilers. Sorry. I couldn't help it. )

It's on Youtube in three parts too. Here's the first one:

PLEASE let me know what you think of this film--I'm endlessly intrigued by it. And Andrew Garfield is, of course, brilliant in it.


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