Apr. 3rd, 2011

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OK, so apparently the TSN fandom is gonna continue to pump out the wonderful and wondrous WIPs for a bit longer. And by "a bit longer," I mean "the foreseeable future." There are so many fantastic WIPs is my point. It's, like, impossible to not join in.

♥ Have a couple snippets that I'm working on:
WIP the first )

....and the other one....
WIP the second )

♥ And, vastly more importantly, here are a couple by other people you should watch:

And everything nice by anonymous.
Up to 13b and the fastest shot in the west updater on the interwebs!

Oh, gosh, ya'll. This fic. This fic. The feelings I have for this fic! I feel like I need to start spouting sonnets, a la Elizabeth Barrett Browning, to properly express my love for this biznas. So Mark has a daughter, right, who is named Jess--I like to imagine her as a girl!child version of Jesse Eisenberg in my free time--and Andrew is hired as the manny. This fic will make iron-clad ovaries explode, I'm not even playing. Scrooge would have suffered from Fatal Ovaries Explosion, is what I'm telling you. There is no misanthrope so misanthropic to resist this goodness.

Come out of the shade by anonymous
Up to 7c!

Jesse is a playwright and Andrew is playing his neurotic mostly-autobiographical character. If that doesn't make you run--and, yes, I know that no one actually runs from one URL to another, it's all in the fingertips, right, but I stand by my metaphor to the death--to read it, I have more temptations to strew your path withal. This fic is gloriously well written. It has these layers of subtlety to both Andrew and Jesse's characters and keeps both characters in these complex systems of depth without sacrificing the interaction between them. Oh, and did I mention Justin Timbalone is the director of the play??

sweet on you by [livejournal.com profile] moogle62

Why have you not read this yet? Stop reading me, go read that! Eduardo runs/owns a bakery and Mark likes his coffee and the way he sings to himself in the morning while he bakes. Dustin is funnier than I have ever seen Dustin before--no, seriously, you thought you had laughed before but we were both wrong, you will laugh till you die--and Chris and I DON'T EVEN KNOW. I have run out of words. I would have to show you a slide-show of Happy Things to accurately depict this fic. It is made of unicorns and rainbows.

♥ ALSO. I am about halfway through with my [livejournal.com profile] i_reversebang fic. So that's to come.
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My To-Do List for the Next Two Weeks:

(1) finish reading Bring on the Books for Everyone by Jim Collins for class tomorrow.
(2) write a brief response paper on Bring on the Books for Everyone by Jim Collins for class tomorrow.
(3) write an aprox. 4-pg account of my reader's interview for class tomorrow.
(4) plan a lesson for my own class.
(5) condense a 20+ page essay about Darwin and detective fiction into 10-pages for the conference on Friday.
(6) come up with and begin to write an essay for the Reading Readers class.
(7) get my wisdom teeth taken out.
(8) see Jane Eyre and NTLive's Frankenstein before I leave for the conference on Thursday because they will both be gone by the time I get back.
(9) do fun-person writing.
(10) grade the papers I will be getting tomorrow night.

Speaking of Jane Eyre, does everybody agree with me that this dress on modCloth would allow the wearer to become a modern-day Jane? I think it would.

Am I the only one who feels like modCloth is getting more and more prohibitively expensive every day? It used to be only the occasional dress was over $100. Now there are plenty over $300. I was already an envious lurker before...now I'm even moreso.

PS - I can't wait for romper weather to come back. I own two rompers--despite agreeing with everyone that they are shameful purchases--and I am dying to romp around town in them.


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