Apr. 21st, 2011

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I have a lot of trouble managing a lot of the social responsibilities of girliness, guys. I mean--I love meeting people for lunches or dinners or whatever. I'm cool with that (as long as the group stays moderately small). I can shop with the best of them. I can't think of any other stereotypical social responsibilities that I'm good at right now, but I'm sure I have at least one more up my sleeve.

But...I have this friend who's getting married this summer. I already went to her bridal shower (which was juuuuuuust shy of wretchedly awkward). Now I have to go to a bachelorette party too. And this one will include liquor (yay!) but has a dress code on the invite (boooooo). And the dress code is "everyone at their sexy best."

Am I being horribly misanthropic for not wanting anything to do with this stuff? Has grad school made me completely socially inept if a bachelorette party makes me start circling my neuroses wagons?

I have another wedding requirement on the docket, too. See--and here's the long story--my sister rushed ahead to marry her Danish boyfriend two years ago because our mom was dying. And this was a wedding I was super thrilled to be involved with, right. The couple dressed up, we went down to the courthouse, they got hitched, we strolled through a garden afterward, and then we went home for the five or six cakes my dad had baked. And my mom got to see my sister in her wedding dress (in bright red, which made my second-wave feminist/ex-hippie mother very proud) and we all had cake and champagne punch and everything was lovely.

Fast forward to now. We're going to Denmark to meet the family this summer and, apparently, the Danish extended family wants to throw an actual wedding celebration for them. So--on top of meeting relatives-in-law for the first time with a language barrier, I'm going to have to do it in formal wear.

Do I qualify as misanthropic yet?


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