Jun. 19th, 2011

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So I was on tumblr--because it turns out that, despite my earlier protestations that scrolling through images couldn't be that interesting or significantly different from lj, I'm completely hooked, like total-junkie-hooked---and I had an incredibly pathetic moment of personal tragedy.

I saw this. I'm not so much "in the know" or whatever about memes....so I conveniently missed all the information that this is not in fact a real thing. I missed that vital piece of information because I had fallen out of my chair and was convulsing with glee around the room. (I say "convulsing with glee" because I have been informed by numerous roommates that my Celebration Dance is not-so-much-with-the-dancing-per-se.)

To be more clear: there's been a meme floating around tumblr where you get four actors/actresses names and a random song from your iTunes on shuffle and make a movie premise out of the results. This particular instance (that comes with a kickass, unreasonably-realistic promo poster) is for a film called It's Not Necessarily the Truth starring Ellie Kamper, Adam Scott, Maya Rudolph, and Jesse Eisenberg. Here's the summary:

It’s Not Necessarily the Truth (2012) — Lilly Calvin (Ellie Kemper) is a compulsive liar. After being fired from her plush job at the New York Times for making up quotes, sources, and entire interviews (shades of Shattered Glass), she moves to Washington D.C. to start over as a novelist and embrace the side of herself that needs to make up stories. Problem is, she still needs to live, work, and eat. Pressed for cash, she takes a job as a live-in nanny for White House speechwriter Wesley Reynolds (Adam Scott) and his unbelievably chic, put-together lobbyist wife Sloan (Maya Rudolph). Their daughter Madeleine (some adorable kid actor yet to be discovered, or… Pearl Anderson? Come on, you know Maya and Paul’s kids would be at least as adorable as the Apatow girls if you put ‘em in movies) is disarmingly smart, articulate, and knows more about her nanny’s sordid past than Lilly would care to have come out. Madeleine has Lilly over a barrel, and is reaping the rewards in the form of extra fruit roll-ups and later bedtimes — that is, until Lilly figures out that the Reynolds family is completely dysfunctional. Both Wesley and Sloan are having affairs with wealthy Republican senators, and neither want it to come out. As Lilly gets more and more tangled up in the Reynolds’ lives, she also finds herself in a messy almost-relationship with Ryan (Jesse Eisenberg), a disgraced Georgetown grad student who was kicked out of school weeks away from his master’s degree after being found guilty of major plagiarism. Let’s just say that little white lies have never been so complicated.

....the future needs this film. I'm just saying.

I literally spent forty minutes trying to convince myself that the fact I could find no mention of this film anywhere on the entire internet didn't mean it wasn't really going to happen. And then another hour (mostly skimming the hot mess that is Jaime Pressly's autobiography of the same name) trying to convince myself that it was a real book and so could someday be made into a real movie by those same four actors.

My feelings summed up:


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