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So I have had some awful roommates in my time. But I have held out and kept going because I do not do well living alone and there's a very high probability that I'm mostly asexual and so spouse-ing it up is not an option. So.

This year is the. Best. Group. Of people. EVER. There's four of us and sometimes I am so happy to go home I literally skip. Like....grown woman. Skipping. Down the sidewalk. These things happen now.

But to sum up:
a) we decided to have family christmas pictures taken at JC Penny's because I was not raised Christian and my other roommate grew up in Kenya/Singapore and neither of us had any experience with it.
b) we brought props.
c) including (but not limited to): a stuffed whale. a stuffed monkey. a super gay tree topper from our christmas tree. a nicki minaj custume.
d) we actually asked things like, "yes, I know you want us to smile, but we wanted to be creepin' instead. Does that work?"
e) and the lady who was helping us had an awesome time too.
f) I sort of wish we could hang out with her again.
g) then we went to have dinner and ran into a bar with live jazz on the way back.
h) and we had a couple of hilariously named cocktails and talked about what we would do with a time machine if we had one.
i) and what orgies we would or would not feel comfortable visiting with our time machine.
j) and the relative cleanliness of each.
k) and, at one point, all had to jinx each other because we followed up the comment, "I could teach you" with "BUT I'D HAVE TO CHARGE" at the same exact time.
l) and then raced home afterward.

My point is--therefore--that having roommates is so good when it's good that it's worth it even when it's bad.

Also. I'm a little drunk.

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