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a meme either invented by or simply enacted by [livejournal.com profile] hermette

1) A song that makes you sing along in the car even though you're stopped at the traffic lights and the other drivers think you're bonkers

So I usually get the lyrics wrong in all songs and my roommate wouldn't believe me that I was right about "take a bite of my heart tonight" for ages

2) Your favourite Christmas song

I'm not even lying. I even dig that it gets so super stuck in my head that I sortakinda want to die.

3) A song that reminds you of your OTP

About a dozen fandoms I feel really attached to can be fit into Laura Marling songs.
//I think he thinks it makes me weak
it only ever makes me strong.
I've got this friend who sounds just like him,
he's the man I'd leave you for, the man that I just adore like you.

Also. This one. It reminds me of all the fandoms I love most. Obviously, DW especially. Because of this vid. I love fanvids for this song.
//I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handlebars.//

4) The first song (or a song off the first album) you bought with your own money

No lie. Still love it like WHOA.

5) The most-played song on your iPod

No embedding for the actual video (you should totally watch it though, it's brilliant)....this song is fricking perfect. I actually love everything Paolo Nutini has ever touched and he makes up most of the top ten most played songs on my ipod. But seriously. There is nothing wrong with this song. And the more I hear it/think about it, the more I love it.


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