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Title: Meeting Halfway
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ifeelbetter
Prompt: from [livejournal.com profile] dancinbutterfly, "Dom/Cat, SYTYCD (like I ever ask for anything else - I cant help it they're in love damnit) - MISTLETOE AT AN ADAM SHANKMAN PARTY"

Dom stepped into the elevator and let his head just sink onto the wall on the far side. The doors stood open for another minute mockingly, just long enough for someone to enter and wait politely for him to call out a floor.

“See, the buttons are on this side. You push one and then the lift goes there,” said a crisp British voice.

“You mock my pain,” Dom said. He tilted his head slightly so that, though his forehead stayed pressed to the wall, he could see Cat’s reflection as well. She hit the button for Adam’s floor and the doors creaked shut behind her.

“I’ll never do it again,” Cat said, lying baldly. She patted him companionably on the shoulder but, just his luck, that was the shoulder he fell on earlier because Mia insisted on having Billy Bell try to lift him. He winced.

“Sorry, sorry,” he said when she looked pained that he looked pained, “Sorry. That was three sorrys. Sorry. I just—I fell. Earlier. I fell during rehearsal.”

“Is it really dreadful?” Cat asked, making the face she makes when contestants are awful and going to lose and no one’s going to tell them, especially not Cat. She moved her hand, though, and it was closer to his neck than his back then and that was so immeasurably preferable. If he was prepared to be optimistic—and he usually was—Dom could interpret it as vaguely intimate.

“No, it’s lovely,” Dom said because his mouth-to-brain filter got seriously wonked when Cat was nearby.

“You could have stayed home,” Cat said in her super-sympathetic voice.

The doors opened before Dom could reply—not that he had a good reply, though. He never did.

He liked to fantasize that he and Cat had a whole Benedick-and-Beatrice vibe to their relationship, all witty banter and clever repartee. They didn’t at all, he completely knew that in his conscious hours, but a man can dream and he dreamed of witty repartee. Cat would definitely be great as half of a witty duo.

He made sure to hit his head squarely on the wall one more time before he left the safety of the elevator, though.

Cat was waiting at the door of Adam’s ridiculously ostentatious apartment looking confused.

“Really, oughtn’t you to be at home—“ she started to ask but Adam’s door was opening and there was ridiculously mirthful Christmasness happening inside, including the ridiculously drunk Nigel at the door with a Rudolph nose on his right ear and an elf-ear on his nose.

“Poppet!” he shouted and then accidentally hit Dom in the face in his effusive (jazz-hands included) wind-up to the, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

“Nigel, you just hit—“ Cat said, ducking under his arm to check on Dom.

“AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO DOM TOO!” Nigel shouted, pulling Dom in for an overly wet kiss on the left eye. Then he pulled Cat in with the other hand and planted an (judging by the sound) equally wet kiss on her chin.

They both froze on awkwardly blank smiles. Nigel patted Dom’s cheek and pointed upwards.

“Mistletoe,” he explained redundantly.

“Mistletoe,” Dom agreed.

“Mistletoe,” Cat agreed.

“You know what’s it means?” Nigel asked, slurring with innuendo.

“It means what just happened?” Dom hazarded.

“Yes and also.” Nigel waggled an eyebrow. Only Nigel Lithgow would be able to waggle his eyebrows in isolation from each other.

“Oh,” said Cat, the penny dropping.

What Dom expected to have happen next, of course, was a quick peck on the cheek as a best-case scenario. There were options in all the gradations between that and the worst-case scenario, the one where Cat grimaced and mimed throwing up and then never spoke to him again.

That was why it was so completely unexpected that Cat grinned cheekily and crooked a finger at him. It was almost like witty repartee. And then she pulled him in by the tie.

The kiss was....also not at all what he expected. To be completely fair, there was no way Cat was going to be up to the expectations of his late night fantasies, especially not when she wasn’t even trying, right, because obviously she wouldn’t be trying, not with—

“This works better if you meet me halfway,” Cat said, right up against his lips. Her breath on his lips was maybe the hottest thing he’d ever experienced, bar none.

But when he met her halfway, that didn’t just meet his wildest fantasies, that blew them all out of the water.


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