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Since I have been spamming everyone's friends pages with the results to quizzes, I thought I would also include some sketches. That is what I originally intended this lj for anyway. ^-^; I would adore some constructive criticsm, foh real, yo. I love it when people give me new ideas too.

More Sketchies! )
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Snow White with a twist )

Yes, this is odd. I do not deny that. But there IS a context in which it makes sense... read this. It is not the type of fanfiction I usually enjoy (mostly because of that bittersweet ending which I won't ruin for you), but the image of Sirius drunk in a Snow White costume was just plain ol' irresistible. This was a VERY quick drawing, one of the shortest I've ever done in my life (outside the realm of the margins of my notebooks), but it was still a LOT of fun. soavefanciulla is a GREAT writer, even if you don't usually go for the whole Wolfstar ship. Be warned, though, it is not appropriate for all ages. :-p
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Lupin and a wolf, very sketchy )

This is a pretty old sketch, I did it maybe four or five months ago. It's still pretty much my favorite of my Lupins, so I thought I'd share here. And yes, there is a wolf/dog in the bottom corner. It's there because I was doodling ni the bottom corner for not apparent reason except maybe that wolves and Remus are related, though I doubt my reasoning progressed so far at the time. I did also have a sketch of Sirius that I drew immediately after this Lupin, which I used for endless amusement (if you lack a brain and are easily amused, as I am) by having the two drawings talk to each other. ^_^*
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a different thing altogether )

I wanted to show some of the other types of art I do, so I used my pet project. I've been working (seneptually) on this comic book for a little over seven years. It's called, "hush: Don't Say a Word". I even have a first page all finished with nowhere to put it. :-( After seven years of constantly re-starting and re-inventing every couple of months, I'm pretty settled on a plan and now I can't find anywhere to host it. I thought of keenspace, but it's so confusing. I'm no tech-wiz, so even the help page did me absolutely no good. I guess I should just devote a day (or twenty) to just sitting in front of the computer and figuring it out for myself, cuz I really want this comic book to start so I can get in the swing of it, you know?

But as for the pic -- right to left, they're Angel (actually a girl, but she hates all things girly and works as a mechanic in the Bronx), Nataly (a wealthy fashion designer from uptown NYC with a LOT of attitude), Desi (adopted brother of Evie and a wealth of knowledge), and Evie (the star, so to speak, and a former teen-pop star turned rebel). The story fo the comic, if you're interested, is them stranded on an alien planet where their only way home is to figure out who is behind the attempted murder/ disappearance of a religious icon.

And if that was waaaaaay too much info, blame it on the seven years of prep work. :-)
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I've had this ongoing ... I guess you could call it a series... of realistic depictions (and when I say "realistic", you have to blur the lines a bit. Realism is not my forte) of Harry Potter characters. This is the latest. I was just wandering around a Gary Oldman site, looking for a pic to use as a model for a Sirius Black pic, when I realized that I hadn't done any YOUNG Sirius or Remus pictures. Now, I LOVE and ADORE young Sirius and Remus, so the problem had to be rectified IMMEDIATELY. Hence the young pups. :-)


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