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My computer won't turn on. This is incredibly sad for my life because I'm leaving for my Thanksgiving-at-home time in two days and the repair shop said it will probably be two days before they fix it. If they can even fix it.

So I'm in my office, avoiding reading The Bondwoman's Narrative and (though not my fault for once!) avoiding grading papers....making more lists. I make terrible decisions, what can I say?

[livejournal.com profile] jedusor suggested "Top Five Authors who should have written children's lit" and I was like, whoooooa. SUCH a cool idea.

But first I'm gonna do a Top Five Children's Lit because...I don't know why. To show my taste in books? To give context? As a warmup?

We are not always what we seem, and hardly ever what we dream. )

Now for people I wish would (have) writ(ten) children's lit. (Those sure are some hard-working parentheses in that sentence.)

Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression. )
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So, you know how every couple of entries in this journal re-affirm how I should not be left in charge of my own life/soul, let alone the grades of impressionable teens? YES. This is one of those entries.

I saw Harry Potter in the middle of the night last night because, dammit, it is ingrained, sir, twill endure wind and weather--and YES I quote Shakespeare in a totally douchetastic way--but HARRY. YES. He's been important in my life for a long time and I will never, ever care if the movies are (a) good, (b) accurate, or (c) infantalizing. I JUST WON'T. I refuse. I'm a conscientious objector to any discussion about quality and Harry Potter.

BUT I TOTALLY LOVED THIS MOVIE. As a movie, as a Harry Potter movie, as a thing to do with two+ hours of my life. I LOVED IT. And, Dobby, you will ALWAYS be the free elf of my heart. I raise my glass to you, sir.

But THEN. AFTERWARD. I got home in the wee hours of the morning and thought to myself, Self (as you do when you address yourself) Self, I thought, it'd be silly to set an alarm for the morning. You don't have anywhere to be till 3 PM. Even you can't sleep that late.

I would like to inform Last Night Self that she is STUPID. Because I woke up at 2:55PM and had to bike to campus sans coffee and sit through a whole bureaucratic bullshit session on whether "First Year Composition" is a hurtful title for the course that is, in fact, a composition class for first years because sometimes sophomores and juniors end up there after failing multiple times and we wouldn't want to hurt their dainty feelings, now would we also without cofffeeeee.

So, kids, today's lesson is this: Harry Potter should not dissuade you from setting an alarm.

Or something.

On the plus side, I got accepted to a panel on Darwin at the NeMLA this year--held at my undergrad! I can stay at home, chill with my dad, reboot my native Jersey-ness. It will be AWESOME.
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So the up side is that my paper went over relatively well.

Here are the down sides:
1) There are very few grad students here at all (I've only seen one or two others) and we're not looking all that good in comparison with all those highly experienced awesome full professors....

2) who are all from France for some strange reason and, thusly, are extra awesome.

3) I only got one question, it was mad obvious, and yet I had never looked into it before. [The paper was on Meiji translations of Shakespeare in performance and someone asked if Kurosawa would have been aware of the tradition. AND I DIDN'T KNOW. *thuds head on desk*]

4) Thankfully, I waited till I was outside to do the following: put my water bottle back into my bag upside down without a lid (which I didn't notice until I dripped on some random girl in a coffee shop), lost a shoe when the heel got stuck in a crack in the sidewalk, and--because I have no sense of self-preservation--talked to myself about how embarrassing all of those things were.

In other news, I have to think up a way to deal with a student who wrote a paper with this thesis statement: "Although Jeff is in this position of dependence upon women, he maintains authority, and his ability to do this when so vulnerable makes him more masculine."

If anyone has any suggestions (because my instinct is to fail the kid immediately for dickishness), I'd love to hear them.


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