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Jan. 2nd, 2012 08:37 pm
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I'm just Stmubling, as you do when your flight has been cancelled and you're stuck without the means to prepare for the class you're about to start "teaching" in two days (except you won't be there because of the aforementioned cancelled flight), and I cam upon a list of "Best Dressed of 2011."

And I'm just casually clicking through because, to be serious, this year did not thrill my fashion soul.

And then I came upon this:

If that is not a girl made of fire, gold, and awesome, I don't know who is. I already loved her like whoa and now I have all these nether-region feelings too.
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So remember all that wedding hooopla I have been waffling about for months now? Well, it's nearly done! But I need some clothing choice help from y'all if you're willing.

pick a dress, any dress )

[Poll #1752849]

Thanks, internet folk!
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My To-Do List for the Next Two Weeks:

(1) finish reading Bring on the Books for Everyone by Jim Collins for class tomorrow.
(2) write a brief response paper on Bring on the Books for Everyone by Jim Collins for class tomorrow.
(3) write an aprox. 4-pg account of my reader's interview for class tomorrow.
(4) plan a lesson for my own class.
(5) condense a 20+ page essay about Darwin and detective fiction into 10-pages for the conference on Friday.
(6) come up with and begin to write an essay for the Reading Readers class.
(7) get my wisdom teeth taken out.
(8) see Jane Eyre and NTLive's Frankenstein before I leave for the conference on Thursday because they will both be gone by the time I get back.
(9) do fun-person writing.
(10) grade the papers I will be getting tomorrow night.

Speaking of Jane Eyre, does everybody agree with me that this dress on modCloth would allow the wearer to become a modern-day Jane? I think it would.

Am I the only one who feels like modCloth is getting more and more prohibitively expensive every day? It used to be only the occasional dress was over $100. Now there are plenty over $300. I was already an envious lurker before...now I'm even moreso.

PS - I can't wait for romper weather to come back. I own two rompers--despite agreeing with everyone that they are shameful purchases--and I am dying to romp around town in them.
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I expect to have my ass handed to me on Friday in an action-packed day of meetings about my pre-prospectus. THEREFORE. I am focusing on the positive: I have a trip to Denmark to meet my sister's in-laws this summer to plan (and re-new my passport for because the bugger just insists on expiring a couple weeks before we leave), I have a mountain of home-made ice-cream to convince other people to help me eat, and I have a "reading practices" interview to conduct over cornish pasties (which I must teach myself to make) tonight instead of going to the crappy prospective students party. So. Everything is looking up.


I desperately want these things....and they give me joy:
clothes clothes clothes bookshelf...like duck-duck-goose but...different )

Also, some hilarity I stumbled upon this week:

Also. This blog of 50 Inexplicable Black & White Photos gave me a good three hours of head-scratching last night. Check it:

Lastly, my new favorite thing EVER:
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★ Stumble Upon sent me to this random picture. I don't know the context of, you know, anything specific at all....but this girl child is everything I have ever wanted to be.

I am assuming there are some legit hordes right off camera that she is leading into battle via swing. I mean. I'm just working off common sense here. That or, like the positive affirmations girl, this kid just has figured out the meaning of life.

★ In other news: there will be a movie called Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula.

I think my favorite think about this trailer is the claim that it was inspired by true events. Oh, yes? What events were those? Oooooh, you're talking about that time Bonnie & Clyde killed some vampires. How could I forget? So silly of me!

★ Also. I want the t-shirt that says this:
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When I was making the list of fashion influences the other day, it reminded me of the MA project of a friend of mine...she was basically studying the discrepancy between what people think/see of themselves and whether that translates into what others actually interpret from us visually--she called it "Body Image: The Thesis"--and made me want to do a little experiment to see if my influences match up with my practice. So I decided to track my outfits for a week or so and see if I could see those influences in my clothing choices....all that below the cut.

Meta Fashion discussion this way... )

ALSO. I just finished knitting my very first hat. LOOK AT IT.
my hat
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I'm thinking about fashion today. So you're getting a musing on fashion influences. So there.

Fashion, fashion, and more fashion. It be graphics heavy up in herre )

So, out of curiosity, what influenced YOUR fashion of today? How conscious of your influences are you? Are there influences you wish you could shake off but can't (or, going to opposite direction, would love to put into practice but can't seem to make it work)?
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I am SO two seconds away from buying this dress.

It used to be that "dry clean only" tags would stop me from buying clothes. Since I had to man up and buy business/work appropriate clothing (for conferences, teaching, and similar), that has no longer been an impediment to me. I mean...I go to a dry-cleaner anyway, I might as well own more clothes that make the two second walk necessary.

In other news, I had a bad week with students. They're getting a bit grouchy now that the going has gotten tough and it's draining to pretend I don't know they're being bitchy at me. I think it's the only way to deal with them when they're like this, though...they say things like, "The prompt you wrote was too vague, that's why my paper's bad" and I pretend I don't know what they're saying and respond, "You're right, fitting your writing to a prompt IS difficult and frustrating." And then I smile helpfully. Ugh.

Plus...I'm pretty sure I need to (finally) get my wisdom teeth out. Ugh-squared.

So I have been planning my Bromance course for next semester instead of wallowing in grief or (what I should have been doing), reading Uncle Tom's Cabin. My Bromance course is going to RAWK.

Also, people? On the Road with Austin and Santino exists. I tell you because none of the people I call friends told ME and then I ran into it accidentally in the middle of the night and LIFE WAS GOOD again. If you are blue, if mankind has been letting you down lately, THEIR LOVE WILL CURE YOU.
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I've had my ukulele (named Buttercup by my roommates because I only wanted to learn the ukulele because of Julia Nunes's cover) for a little over a month now. If I had shown proper appreciation of her, I would have celebrated on the day itself. But I have been busy with the conference and the beginning of the semester so I am nine days late.

Me and my ukulele are under this cut. And we are singing the Beatles. Oh yeah. )
Also. Because I am the type of person who trolls ModCloth and the likes, I have a fashion question for the ether. What do you guys think of this dress:

I am perplexed by it. I mean, it's one of the loveliest fits I've seen on ModCloth in a long time but...the armpit cut-outs. I don't know. That seems like its asking for trouble. Then again, it might be the answer I've been looking for all my life to the pit-stains that plague me.

So...what do you think?


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