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Having prelims looming on the near horizon (can horizons be near? THEY CAN FOR THE PURPOSES OF THIS ENTRY, OK), I have developed some epic procrastination/denial skillz.


I wrote a thing about Arthur getting onto The Sartorialist on the [livejournal.com profile] inception_kink meme.

Arthur would be at his second coffeeshop. If he didn't empty his own pot and then buy two cups en route, he was hell to work with. He, being Arthur, had elaborate plans to diffuse his caffeine intake over various locations so no one would (a) notice he bought such large amounts or (b) try to make him cut down for his own good. (People in the Know knew not to try--Arthur had once held up a Starbucks for not properly brewing his espresso. It was one of the things people Knew about Arthur. Introductions tended to go: "Hi, I'm Arthur." "Aren't you the guy--with the coffee?" "Yes.")

So Ariadne knew what direction to go. And Arthur was there, of course.

She just hadn't expected him to be with the Sartorialist himself.

Then I started an AU where Arthur's a bored bartender and Eames is a mysterious maybe-mobster who shows up every now and then... also, you guessed it, on the kink_meme.

Dom shrugged and made a show of giving up (which never ended in him giving up, it just diffused the disagreement over a period of intense nagging and not-so-subtle hints and Arthur wondering why he put up with this horrible little man. And then Arthur inevitably gave up and Dom didn't rub his nose in it so much which was a little nice. Sort of).

That night--in the dingy living room restaurant with somebody's grandmother's alcohol shelf propped on cardboard box--Arthur realized he sort of liked the whole bar-tending routine. He'd always liked alcohol in a passive way--there was that whole period in his teenage-years when he'd tried to dress like Sammy Davis Jr. with very limited success and you don't love Sammy Davis Jr. the way he did without seriously digging a nice cocktail--but there was something even better about the production end of the drink. He liked the way people waited patiently (or, you know, impatiently) for him to slide a perfect little glass of something beautiful, something perfect and delicate, across to them. And Mal kept them supplied in French chanteuses on vinyl for the right ambiance and Dom had unplumbed depths when it came to interior decorating--how he made the lights cast that rosy-amber glow was a trick of genius as far as Arthur was concerned, especially since it seemed to make even the dingy backroom look elegant--and it all made the night fantastic.

THEN...though this chronology is beginning to look all wrong to me but whatevs, guys, maths/numbers has never been my strong suit...I wrote a H50 high school AU that just might grow if there's any interest in seeing what madcap adventures science-geek!Steve and newbie!Danno can get into since they've already caused a minor explosion in lab.

"You were in a science lab," she said, like she was explaining it to a five-year old, "and you were partnered with--"

She didn't get to finish the thought, though. Not when the person in question was bursting into the room so exuberantly that the door nearly fell of its hinges. And Steve McGarrett--the student who no one had wanted to sit next to and Danny, the new kid, had been forced to partner with, the kid who had unexpectedly grinned a sort of Cheshire-cat grin and said "bet you don't know what would happen if I put this in here" and then had ignored the obvious double entendre in favor of pouring something pink and powdery into something blue and liquidy and then, no, Danny wouldn't have predicted the ensuing explosion--had proof of his complicity all over his face. In the form of ash. He was covered in the stuff except for around the eyes, where his goggles had been.

"You can't expel Danno!" McGarrett said. "It was entirely my fault!" The goggles were hanging around his neck--also covered in the thick ash--and he'd left a hand print right in the middle of the principal's door, covering her nameplate.

ALSO--and see what I mean about the denial about prelims being strong in this one??--I am working on a fake boyfriends AU for Arthur/Eames where, as per [livejournal.com profile] cobweb_diamond's suggestion, Arthur has this agreement with Eames that he'll always be his go-to for a last minute faux-date while Eames is doing research and has to wine and dine a mark or whatever...so far, the research for this fic has involved watching youtube clips of Viennese waltzes and googling viscounts and marquesses. I don't know, guys. I may have gone over the bend.

Have a snippet! Since we're here! )

[EDIT: It's past 2AM and I have to be on campus for a 9AM class tomorrow. FML. Why is sleeping so haaaaaard?]
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Title: Plenty Implied
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ifeelbetter
Disclaimer: I own nothing of value. And these are all scurrilous lies for which I can only blame Alex O'Loughlin's face. And Scott Caan's hair. But the important bit is to remember not to blame me.
Summary: Alex has a new puppy just in time for the holidays.
Notes: Apparently, Alex has a new puppy. This dog is probably the most adorable dog that has ever lived. And he sent her to a spa and named her after his grandfather.

If you saw those puppy pictures, you'd know why I ended up writing this. And trust me when I say that the only thing cuter than O'Loughlin's new dog is Scott Caan and his dog. )
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Title: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ifeelbetter
Disclaimer: I own nothing* of value. (*except an awesome ukulele)
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] penguinparity, Danny is Upset by the general non-traditionalness of Hawaiian Christmas.

In which Steve gets competitive about who does Christmas best and rises to Danny's challenge )
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Title: Just Hanging Around
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ifeelbetter
Word Count: 2,186
Fandom/Pairing: Hawaii-Five-0...Danny/Steve
Summary: Steve develops just the teensiest of obsessions with Danny's tie. And Danny's neck.
Notes: Another incognito prompt fill over at the pineapple_infested kink meme. Also--I'm still taking prompts for December. I only have like six or something.

So, obviously, it became a little Pavlovian. See tie, make joke, enjoy funny Danny face. Which meant that Steve's eyes dropped to Danny's neck when he entered a room. Like, immediately.  )
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Title: Saw You That One Time
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ifeelbetter
Word Count: 668
Fandom/Pairing: Hawaii-Five-0...Danny/Steve
Summary: Danny's been stepping out on Steve's witty banter. Steve makes sad!face a him.
Notes: Two points. (1) Apparently, I am so totally behind the times with my only-lj-account business. So I've been contributing anonymously to the Dreamwidth H50 kink_meme of awesomesauce. (2) I am, it seems, SO in this fandom now. THEY WON ME WITH THEIR SUPERGYITUDE AND ADORBSNESS.

Steve was of the belief that you don't back down from something just because it's hard to justify. )
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If you're not watching Hawaii Five-0, you are doing something wrong. For serious. If you need convincing (beyond me flapping my hands inarticulately at you), you should go see [livejournal.com profile] thisissirius's primer of awesome.

But I don't have time, right this second, to do all the HTML coding and whatnot (and the squeeing that must MUST happen when I search through the Google images of these fellas) and the convincing and whatever because...GUYS...I have found something truly lovely.

A couple of points:
1) Finish each other's sentences much, guys? CAN I SQUISH YOUR CHEEKS?
2) Everyone should make fun of Scott Caan's hair forever and ever and that's the same thing as saying "and they all lived happily ever after" because that is truth.
3) Yeah, SCOTT, what IS so awesome about working with Alex? HUH? TELL US, SCOTT.

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Title: If One Has Not Dined Well
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ifeelbetter
Word Count: 1,402
Fandom/Pairing: Hawaii-Five-0...Danny/Steve
Summary: Five times that Danny showed he Really Cares about food. Steve thinks it's hilarious and then...not so hilarious.

This is, like, an art piece of fast food burger classicism. I could eat nothing but this burger for the rest of my life and I would die a happy man. )


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