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I am STILL not done. This just goes to show that I read Emma Dilemma too many times as a child. (There's a line somewhere near the beginning that says, "Emma liked lists" and describes all the places she hides her lists. So. Let's blame that.)

5 Songs That Threaten Violence But, Hey, No One Ever Accused Me of Being Sensible )

Yep. I did that.

Now I'm gonna go wrestle the school's library for the Nov. 28, 1878 New York Tribune that they claim not to own.
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I am now making my least rational list yet...

Five things from stand-up comedy I have laughed at lots )

...seriously, though. I have three hours to read the rest of Contending Forces before I have to make a "response" and methinks my response will be so-very-much BS this week.
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Back from Thanksgiving and, apparently, not done with lists yet...still looking for suggestions for what to make a list of next.

Top Five Songs about Friendship )

Now, I should go back to reading Contending Forces for class tomorrow or A Yankee in Meiji Japan for prelims or grading papers for Tuesday...anybody want to lay odds on me not doing any of those things?

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Top 10 Strong Female Characters of Television

Because I am--apparently--still doing this.

Don't interrupt me. You see, I'm gonna dazzle you with my poor human brain. )

I went scrolling through the wikipedia lists of television shows to make this list and, now that I've finished, I've realized how infrequently women are portrayed with any kind of depth or strength in non-sci-fi/action shows. There are some notable exceptions (see list above) but it is still more than a little disconcerting. Especially since sci-fi and action are traditionally aimed at men, not women. And its women who need to see stronger depictions of femininity on television, not men.
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My computer won't turn on. This is incredibly sad for my life because I'm leaving for my Thanksgiving-at-home time in two days and the repair shop said it will probably be two days before they fix it. If they can even fix it.

So I'm in my office, avoiding reading The Bondwoman's Narrative and (though not my fault for once!) avoiding grading papers....making more lists. I make terrible decisions, what can I say?

[livejournal.com profile] jedusor suggested "Top Five Authors who should have written children's lit" and I was like, whoooooa. SUCH a cool idea.

But first I'm gonna do a Top Five Children's Lit because...I don't know why. To show my taste in books? To give context? As a warmup?

We are not always what we seem, and hardly ever what we dream. )

Now for people I wish would (have) writ(ten) children's lit. (Those sure are some hard-working parentheses in that sentence.)

Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression. )
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It's fairly common knowledge that I'm an insomniac. I've had it under control for months but I slept till 3PM the other day and now I'm wonked. So. MOAR LISTS.

Top Ten Love Songs
Honesty time...I am no Taylor Swift fan so this is not happy-rainbows-marriage-is-obviously-the-only-ending kind of love songs.

Pack up loneliness, hello tenderness... )

Maybe I'll tackle top ten female role models on television tomorrow...instead of grading papers.
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So somehow all this Harry Potter nostalgia business lead to me re-watching Doctor Who episodes and now I'm making a list. I like lists. I'm the opposite of organized in most ways but I really do like a good list.

This is my Top Ten Episodes of DW (since the reboot in 2005)

This way madness lies... )

Now that I've gotten that out of my system....I want to make more lists. I love lists. Can anyone think of other things I can make lists of? Top Fives? Anything?


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