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Yeah, baby, yeah.

I mean, it's absolute shit but it's finished, right?
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The novel progresses but is wretched. This is a quandary, methinks.

Also in surprising (in that I care not that it exists) sports news: Roddick will play later at Wimbledon (yay!) and the World Cup is off the freakin' hook.

Your regularly scheduled [livejournal.com profile] ifeelbetter will be returning after this sports break. I don't know what's come over me it's just...so...GOOD.
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Yeah, that's right. You heard me. HALF.
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My parents have made bread my whole life. I spent a good chunk of my childhood playing with a small wad of the larger mountain of bread dough. Their bread--and that was a COLLECTIVE enterprise--could bring people to tears. TO TEARS. Ok, that's a lie. But it was SO GOOD. WHY did I grow up and leave the bread?

So I tried to make my own today. And by "today" I mean the middle of the night because I am basically nocturnal. And it was SAD.

It's NOTHING like the awesome bread of yore. It is like white bread from the store but MORE LIKE STUPID CARDBOARD.


And that is today's tragedy.

Also, LoNoWriMo continues...and still is badly titled.

It is moving slooooooowly.
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Yeah, that's right.

Now, Glee, we must have a heart-to-heart. I get that you're afflicted by the Ryan Murphy. No, really, I get that. He is probably to blame for the interpretive-pregnancy-dance set to James Brown from the other week. That shit was weird, I'm just saying. And I feel like sitting SOMEone down, I'm not sure who, and talking about how Bohemian Rhapsody was a BAD FIT for the whole labor thing.

But, see, show--do you mind if I call you 'show'? I mean it lovingly--you are filled with the most earnest of earnest adorable emotive faux-teen actors. I mean, the faces they were making in the finale. I had to physically restrain myself from pinching cheeks that were not actually in the room with me.

So what I'm saying is...you're not so much on the plot. Or the characters, really. As they say [sing] in Damn Yankees, "You've got heart." Out the wazoo. You could do ANYTHING--don't tell Ryan Murphy I said that--and I would watch if you did it with those kids.

Also. Thank you for being on so far into summer. You almost seamlessly transitioned me to USA's summer season and it has been KILLING me waiting for Psych to come back.
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Progress is made.
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I am doing a self imposed version of NaNoWriMo this month. 50k words in 30 days. I started on the fourth for the sole purpose of getting fireworks when I finish.

Two days in. So far so good.

Still don't have a plot though. I do have a document of TfLN and FMLs I might need and a note that says, and I quote: "pulls a Norma Rae at the Pancake House??"

Also reading Roth because of Bad English PhD Guilt. I don't feel I'm legit until I read a Roth novel, y'know?

Though those 20th century people (in my field, not the writers themselves) shouldn't be encouraged in their ego-centrism. I mean, do you know how many lit PhDs out there have never cracked the spine of a Dickens? Is this not shameful? DICKENS.

So, current agenda:
1) read for prelims in the fall.
2) write a novel in 30 days.
3) read loads of novels that English-y types always moon over and keep in their back pockets and tear up when they read aloud the passages that "sing."

As always, I wonder why I am (a) up so late and (b) NOT ASLEEP??


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