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Can I also just say that "Vegas"? Was. So. Awesome. I wish there was an episode for every single genre show I could think of. It was just SO PERFECT an episode. There are very few episodes of any show that I feel could go on the Perfect list and this one SO GOES ON THE PERFECT LIST.

ALSO. I have adored Rodney since the very first episode, right, and he adores John and Atlantis adores John so I kind of begrudgingly liked him too. But I have seriously changed my position. After watching all five seasons, I have come to the conclusion that JOHN IS LOVELY LIKE SERIOUSLY LOVELY LIKE I MIGHT DIE FROM HIS LOVELINESS. Also. Rodney makes me go all gooey in my heart.

Also. Ronon totally won me over eventually. And Keller. I feel like this is one of those shows that seriously suffered from behind-the-scenes meddling. I mean, we can all see that Beckett was removed to make way for a hot girl character, yes, and it's to Jewel Staite's credit that she made the best of that incredibly awkward situation and pulled a cool character out of her hat....and then the musical chairs of commander was a hilarious bit of mismanagement. Still. There was no single character who wasn't interesting or one single character arc that didn't feel real and important. That's incredible.

SO. Does anyone have any opinions re: other Stargate shows? Are they worth watching? I'm watching episode 1 of SG-1 right now and...there's a room full of scantily clad women on an alien world and it's all getting a bit...rape-y for my tastes. Is it always like this?
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A shout out to my fellow teachers out there--do you guys get the same heady mix of euphoria and despair when you have, like, only two assignments left and everything else is filled in on your excel spreadsheet for the semester? Like....I know this means I have a whole other batch or two to grade....and that sucks...but I'm so close.

ALSO. Watching SGA while I grade, yeah, and there was just a scene where Shepperd almost flew a kamikaze mission into the control tower and Rodney was obviously, like, "i love you bestest of all the people in all the universes" but John was all like, "I am unconcerned with your massive feelings and, as always, super excited about maybe dying" and Rodney made a face that was heartbreaking. Michael is sort of old hat by this point--though I totally dig his desperation for Teyla's approval and the fact that she Kicks So Much Ass--but that moment made this whole episode.

And then it turned out John didn't have to run the kamikaze mission and somehow in like two seconds flat Rodney was in charge of flying the puddlejumper in a probably-not-suicidal way. And you can just see on Rodney's face that he's uncomfortable because this is a thing John was totally sort of thrilled about dying in a second ago and Rodney doesn't like things that John's so comfortable about dying in and...GOD. RODNEY MAKES ME HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS.

[EDIT: Then I watched the Bill Nye and co. episode and GOD DAVID HEWLETT YOUR FACE I CAN'T GRAMMAR PROPERLY WHEN YOU MAKE THAT FACE. But also: I am confused by why show has super-imposed Jennifer on Shepperd. Cuz that's Shepperd!face he's making, no doubt.]

[EDIT II, RETURN OF EDIT: Is there fic out there with Shepperd accompanying Rodney to the physics thing instead of Keller?]
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I am awarding myself an ironic award tonight for completing TWO. WHOLE. SENTENCES. in my dissertation. (Four if you count the two I added and then deleted. [Also. There were like ten hours between each of those steps.] Six if you count the false starts too.)


OK. That's enough waffle about teaching.

Other news: fabulous roommates and I are sticking together for another year (yay!), we're also getting Family Holiday Portraits at JC Penney this week because two out of four of us (me!) have never done so before (yay!), and the semester is almost over (YAAAAAAY!).

On the other hand, I am almost finished with Stargate: Atlantis (BOOOOOO!) and am already feeling Rodney withdrawal. I just....I love him. Lots. With all of my many Feelings and Thoughts. I always talk to my TV when I watch, yeah, but I stopped using his name at all like a hundred episodes ago (<--hyperbole to my left) and have started, at first unconsciously, referring to him primarily as "Babe." As if I was Danny and he was my Steve. I am H50-ing my love for him. It's crazy pants up in my head, is what I'm saying.

Look at this now:
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So: confession. I have had a beef with the Stargate franchise for ages. You're not going to understand the logic, frankly, because there is little-to-no logic involved, it was all based on feelings. But, to make a long story short, I sort of blamed them for the end of Farscape. And, yes, I have also always been aware that they subsequently gave Claudia Black and Ben Browder jobs and I usually let bygones-be-bygones when shows I have grudges against give my favorite actors roles. Somehow, my grudge against Stargate persisted.

But I always knew, like, in the back of my mind/heart, that I was gonna love Stargate: Atlantis. That's probably a goodly portion of why my grudge lasted so interminably. And then it turned up on Netflix instant and I was like, "Just watch it, B. You probably were wrong about how you were going to love it instantly and passionately. You'll probably be able to have an even stronger grudge after."

That was not the case. I started, like, two nights ago. I'm already well into Season 2. I have work to do, you know. It's like the revenge of the franchise, this whole absorbing-my-whole-life-and-leaving-no-time-for-real-life-BS stuff. I already said I was sorry, franchise. Can't we just let bygones be bygones?

But, yes. My life is full of Atlantis right now.

I have a question, though. I am pretty perplexed by the Ronan Dex--why didn't the Wraith eat him? I have tried googling this (my Google history was already a shitshow of crazypants, not the least of which is the frantic question "How yu stop flambe??" from that minor emergency in the kitchen a couple of months ago) and have come up with contradictory answers. Can anybody help me out here?


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