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Oct. 9th, 2010 12:33 am
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Dear Supernatural,

Hi. I have hearted you for an epic span of years now considering that my affections have tended to flit back and forth between shoes faster than you can say "Bob's your uncle" most of the time. But I have stayed true to you--I'm not gonna lie, mostly because of Dean's face. And the way you deal with food. And that one episode last season with all the meta commentary about television. So my heart: you have had it for a long time.

BUT. Where have your writers gone, show? Did you fire them all? Did they just wander away this season? Did you forget you need them? Jensen Ackles is too lovely to be uttering this crap. Misha is sexy!smart. He shouldn't have to muddle through that stuff.

I'm just saying. Bring back your A game, show. Please.



PS - The Best Thing I Ever Ate did a special on burgers right after you aired tonight. I heart coincidence when it hearts me back.
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So I finished my reading for my course on Monday afternoons -- the course is "Race and Transatlantic Print Culture in the Nineteenth Century" and it starts at 1PM and I am always in danger of oversleeping -- and I finished my reading for it at around 8PM today. On Sunday. And then I posted my response (due by midnight) and was Fully Prepared for tomorrow. This hasn't happened in a while.

I am a strange mix of super-duper proud to be Fully Prepared and SOSOso ashamed that I am super-duper proud of myself for something so basic. I, truly, might be the worst grad student of ever.

BUT. Can I just say to Supernatural (yes, I talk to shows as if they were people and my BFFs) that I heart you? Like whoa? I mean, you're still stinting on the pie. I think Dean needs some pie. He's having a rough couple of weeks, show, give him some freaking pie already. BUTBUT. The BABY. And Dean being the natural!dad type I/we/fandom always knew he would be. And Sam-might-be-kinda-evil is a deal this show has done before but, you know, I don't think I ever failed to fall for it. So. Good by me!

AND THEN GUESSWHATGUESSWHAT. Well, you already know, prolly, cuz I am ridonc-a-donc behind the times with SPN these days.



Or, you know, don't. It's totally up to you.

Resolution: Will catch up with Merlin. Soonish. Probably.

PS - I am picking out a topic for my next Intro to Comp class...someone suggested Bromance. I TOTALLY am considering it. I would have SUCH awesome stuff on that syllabus. Like...The Walrus & the Carpenter. And Sherlock Holmes. And Lyrical Ballads cuz STC and WW are the Bromance of Bromances. And the Beatles. It would be an EPIC class.
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There is an actual MASSIVE list for why someone else should step in and relieve me of my decisions today.


But--fellas--Supernatural is in season 6. I wish I could feel the joy that more time with SamandDean deserves and not be all worried about its future but I AM worried and this episode did not allay any of my fears. I feel like the show writers need to take a refresher course in the Winchester School of Emotions are for Sissies. Cuz, dudes, they were just chockablock with Manly Emotions. And no Cas to be all tilty!face at them so everyone knows Manly Emotions are siiiilllly. And they're supposed to RESIST Manly Emotions conversations, remember? And then only finally manage them in the middle of the dessert with beers and demon-guts all over their shirt fronts? Remember that?

And Dean didn't even eat a cheeseburger. Or pie. That makes me sad for him, show. We all know that Pie and Dean are the OTP in this show. We KNOW THIS. Why you gonna hate on the OTP?

OK. So I'm going to try another paper or two and see what inanities I write in the margins now.
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[EDIT: This is my pet project. I will update it when fic makes me squee.]

I have been keeping this private for ages on my Private Person lj but I thought the public (which never actually sees this journal so, yeah) would benefit from my painstakingly accumulated list of awesome. You will note--if you are there, which is already as unlikely as Jodie Foster being the representative of the human race to aliens but it's still an awesome imaginary scenario so I will stick with it--that I speak to myself a lot. I tend to do that. Especially because of the existential crisis that is speaking to a public thing you think the public isn't reading. I will warn (assuming the existence of) you that, like, 99.999% of this is slash. I think one or two women may have made it on but it was against my better angels.

Glee )

Psych )

Star Trek )

Supernatural )

J2 )

Merlin and Merlin RPF )

Harry Potter )
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Just so you know. My brain is gone, this show is perfect. I will never love again.

Or, you know, I just watched the kickassest season finale all of five minutes ago and have not come down yet.
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Am I not always saying that Alan Tudyk should be in everything I watch? I was pissed as a drunken frat boy that Joss Whedon -- who, I am pretty sure, feels the same way as I do about Mr. Tudyk -- would have a place for Amy Acker in his new show and not He Of The Funny Dinosaurs but my wroth has been assuaged.

Also -- is he or is he not ripped? I put it to you, imaginary audience.

Also in the news -- and by "news" I mean "television" -- Supernatural has been lovely enough to create room for Misha Collins to come back next season. I mean, I sorta knew they would. But I heart Castiel a whole helluva lot and I would cry in my sad place if he had to go. So, YAY!

Also Dean is lovely. He just is.

And one final "also" -- The Big Bang Theory has officially grown on me. It's all sneaking up like a stealthy ninja TV show. I SO would not have expected myself to like it.


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