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This is more for my own sake than anyone else's....but this is a list of fandom things I intend to improve on in the new year. This is partially motivated by the fact that most of the issues-ridden fandom depictions of Tony and all his Feels have been too close to my own massive set of issues for comfort and partially because I am enjoying the freedom from the mistake that was opening up my lj, all those years ago, to Real Life people who may or may not have ever gone away to leave me in my anonymity. So.

(1) Write this fic that I started last month because bookshop asked me what my headcanon of backstories for the Inception characters was and my answer was far too long to go into her meme.
(2) Deal with all this shyness that prevents me from actively partcipating in fandoms I love.
(3) Write fic for other fandoms.
(4) Finish the unfinished fics I remember....and everyone else has forgotten. Sorry.
(5) I am serious about that shyness thing, B.

Date: 2011-12-30 11:19 pm (UTC)
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2 (&5) are major issues for me...I kinda go through fits and starts of shyness/lurking. It's a good idea for a goal for the year: comment more!

The headcanon & fic bits sound exciting! Can't wait to read. :D


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