Apr. 19th, 2011

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So, Mondays have not been my friend this semester. It involves me waking up at ungodly hours (7--I know, real people do this every day, yes, but I am a chronic insomniac and so that often means I don't sleep at all the night before), going to a three-hour seminar (that was amaaaaazingly dead all semester), office hours, teaching, more office hours (because students, bless them, are incapable of figuring out real office hours)....one long exhausting day, is my point.

I just had my wisdom teeth out and the drugs have been making me sleep massive amounts. I had just gone off them yesterday--hence, no sleep--and it turns out that my wonderfully co-operative Jaw? That wasn't giving me any issues? Decided it was time for issues. I sounded like one of the Little Rascals. It was ridiculous.

Also? Having spent the weekend sleeping, not getting any sleep was extra unpleasant by comparison. So I was a Super Giant Mess by teaching time...and I still sounded like a cartoon. So I ended early, went home, and napped away my speech impediment.

Oh, yeah. Did I mention I live in a place that decided April 18th was a good day for snow? I mean, I'm a big ol' fan of snow. In winter. Which it is not anymore. It is definitively spring. Very Spring. Not at all snow-appropriate seasonally.

And then--and this might be where your sympathy for me evaporates, if you had any to begin with--Hawaii 5-0 was not the usual wellspring of happiness it tends to be. And whatever that sitcom of horribleness is that precedes it....I hope to never have to catch the final seconds of it again. That's all I'm saying.

To sum up: :(


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