May. 5th, 2011

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Um, so apparently I had/have/am having a thread on the love meme (which has been awesomely organized?

So I'd like to deliver a message to the internet, which has almost always treated me well over the years. To the kind people of the internets:

Also, you make me do this in the innermost parts of my soul:

And now for more recs!
Because I feel I owe the internets some love after that biznas. Like...I would bake each one of you a banana bread (confession time: I had to take three tries at spelling "banana" right then, because Gwen Stefani got in my head and I just kept adding "na-na-na"s)...but that would be creepy because (a) none of you know me personally so it would actually be some random stranger showing up at your door with baked goods and y'all learned about stranger danger, I am sure and (b) I wouldn't know how to get the banana bread to you except for stuffing it into my own CD drive and that probably doesn't work...though I have been told that you can get into the internet through [significant pause] other means. But yeah. Recs.

Shelter!AU by [ profile] harriet_vane
Up to part 12b as of just now

Have you not been reading this? Why, crazed individual? Not reading this is like...I don't even know. It's probably most like trolling in the middle of the night for pictures of kittens that desperately need adopting and then not adopting them because you are allergic. (<--TMI, my friend. T. M. I.) This fic is everything good. This fic is like snorting magic. Oh, but did you want plot? FINE. Jesse is a dishwasher, trying to make ends meet to take care of his sister, and Andrew is fantabulous and filthy rich and just as lovely as a box of girl scout cookies. GO READ IT NOW OR YOUR EYES WILL GO ON STRIKE.

Jurassic Park!AU by anonymous
Up to 13b

I almost didn't read this because--and this may be overloading your capacity for embaressing confessions about my geekdom for one entry but this is my house lj, right, so there, ok?--I was too scared to finish Jurassic Park when I was a kid and....I still haven't. Because I am a scaredy-cat. As my mother once called me, I am a yellow-livered sapsucker. No, I don't get it either. I think it might be some sort of tree. BUT. THIS FIC. THIS FIC. There's this bit where it turns out that Mark can't help but make dinosaurs that, like, want to cuddle Eduardo so much they die of un-cuddles if he's not there....and yes, I say. Me too.

Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks by anonymous
Up to 32 parts!

Eduardo loses his memory this time--I have this giant ol' sweet spot for that particular plot device--and ends up back in California with Chris, Dustin, and Mark. It's stunningly well written. Like--guys, I study words. I am drenched in text and I am trained to criticize it. And...this is just beautiful prose. If it was a food, this fic would be every single person's secret favorite dish. Like, not the one you admit to when asked--not the one you would ever think to call your favorite food. This would be the food that you reached for on the worst night of your life and eating it made life slightly better. That's how lovely this writing is.


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