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So I've been away for ages. I didn't mean to be but I keep getting these bouts of Maturity and Focus On ActualFact Work and absurd things like that.

And then I watched Captain America for the first time.

So, yeah....long story short: I have spent all day squeeing, falling out of my chair giggling, and reading fanfic. Not in that order.

If there's anyone (a) still reading this journal and (b) also invested in the promise of Steve/Tony that only fandom (let's be semi-honest with ourselves here) can provide--can I has recs pls? I will totally make this worth your while. How about this--if you give me a rec, I'll write you a drabble? (Yes, folks, she is that desperate.) Any drabble.

Also, I'm thinking I might do a yuletide drabble thing again. I'm a bit rusty on the fic-skillz and will obviously be needing them in the near future, what with another Sherlock Holmes, Avengers, and This Means War looming in the near-to-distant-not-near-enough-dammit future. What thinkst thou, fair interwebs?
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Um, so apparently I had/have/am having a thread on the love meme (which has been awesomely organized?

So I'd like to deliver a message to the internet, which has almost always treated me well over the years. To the kind people of the internets:

Also, you make me do this in the innermost parts of my soul:

And now for more recs!
Because I feel I owe the internets some love after that biznas. Like...I would bake each one of you a banana bread (confession time: I had to take three tries at spelling "banana" right then, because Gwen Stefani got in my head and I just kept adding "na-na-na"s)...but that would be creepy because (a) none of you know me personally so it would actually be some random stranger showing up at your door with baked goods and y'all learned about stranger danger, I am sure and (b) I wouldn't know how to get the banana bread to you except for stuffing it into my own CD drive and that probably doesn't work...though I have been told that you can get into the internet through [significant pause] other means. But yeah. Recs.

Shelter!AU by [livejournal.com profile] harriet_vane
Up to part 12b as of just now

Have you not been reading this? Why, crazed individual? Not reading this is like...I don't even know. It's probably most like trolling petfinder.com in the middle of the night for pictures of kittens that desperately need adopting and then not adopting them because you are allergic. (<--TMI, my friend. T. M. I.) This fic is everything good. This fic is like snorting magic. Oh, but did you want plot? FINE. Jesse is a dishwasher, trying to make ends meet to take care of his sister, and Andrew is fantabulous and filthy rich and just as lovely as a box of girl scout cookies. GO READ IT NOW OR YOUR EYES WILL GO ON STRIKE.

Jurassic Park!AU by anonymous
Up to 13b

I almost didn't read this because--and this may be overloading your capacity for embaressing confessions about my geekdom for one entry but this is my house lj, right, so there, ok?--I was too scared to finish Jurassic Park when I was a kid and....I still haven't. Because I am a scaredy-cat. As my mother once called me, I am a yellow-livered sapsucker. No, I don't get it either. I think it might be some sort of tree. BUT. THIS FIC. THIS FIC. There's this bit where it turns out that Mark can't help but make dinosaurs that, like, want to cuddle Eduardo so much they die of un-cuddles if he's not there....and yes, I say. Me too.

Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks by anonymous
Up to 32 parts!

Eduardo loses his memory this time--I have this giant ol' sweet spot for that particular plot device--and ends up back in California with Chris, Dustin, and Mark. It's stunningly well written. Like--guys, I study words. I am drenched in text and I am trained to criticize it. And...this is just beautiful prose. If it was a food, this fic would be every single person's secret favorite dish. Like, not the one you admit to when asked--not the one you would ever think to call your favorite food. This would be the food that you reached for on the worst night of your life and eating it made life slightly better. That's how lovely this writing is.
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☆ My [livejournal.com profile] i_reversebang fic is with the lovely and talented [livejournal.com profile] lamboyster for beta'ing....only about a month after when I had hoped to have done this by. Oh well...still technically on-time because my date is the 19th. Woot.

☆ I finished No to Your Key of Rust last week....so I started another TSN/RPF WiP. I know. I should have finished the other WiP before I started another....but this prompt was seriously irresistible. Long story short, I am writing a giant fic in which Andrew Garfield is a cat magically made human who loves Jesse Eisenberg who has a super crush on the new marketing guy at work, Justin Timberlake. I have きみはペット in the back of my mind alllll the time, to be completely honest. And that show--not the manga, the liveaction TV show--is, IMHO, the best TV show of all time. So. For romance-novel-meets-JDrama-meets-TSN, hop on over.

Stay Tuned by [livejournal.com profile] aqualined
Only 1 part so far. :( But already around 4k. :)

I always really enjoy it when some fic subtly changes something fanon has started to accept without question. In this one, [livejournal.com profile] aqualined plays with the connections between the four central people a little, allowing Wardo to have a pre-existing (and, so far, thoroughly valid and important) friendship with Chris that is entirely different from the friendship with Mark. I didn't even realize I had them grouped together like I did--like so many fics so convincingly have done already--until this fic tried something different on for size. ALSO. It's brilliant and charming and lovely and includes Wardo cuddling a tiger baby. Just go read it. It makes sense, I swear.

hit the books by anonymous


Is anyone unaware of my literary nerd-dom? No? So it should come as no surprise that a fic that simultaneously romanticizes university libraries AND crackles with wit and vivacity should float my boat, right? ALSO, GUYS. This anonymous is worried about getting a reputation for traversing different fandoms and making them all into romances between reference librarians and professors. This makes me want to start a petition for such an effort, by this particular lovely anon. Can I petition that anon does that? Could s/he hit every fandom of ever and then, I dunno, start another loop?
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  • So I'm working on my [livejournal.com profile] i_reversebang. I got paired with a mind-bogglingly beautiful piece of artwork. It's actually one of my favorite fanvids of all time (no pressure, none at all, nope, nada, zilch, my fic will absolutely measure up) ... I'm not too big a fan of genre of fanvids because I have no experience in sifting through for the nuggets of fandom gold like I do with fanfic. I've been sifting through fanfic since I was pre-pubescent, you know. I knows how to sift that shiznit.

    BACK TO MY POINT. This vid is gorgeous. Look:

  • So I'm 3k+ into the fic for this. Have a snippet.
    “I wouldn’t be able to tell,” Mal said to Eames, running a hand through his hair, “you could tell me lies about your name now and I wouldn’t know because I never actually knew, not when it was real—“

    “It’s real now, Mal,” Eames said, pulling her hand out of his hair. “It’s real right now.”

    She bit the corner of her lip. It looked like half a smile, severed and mangled beyond recognition.

    “—what is your name, though, the one for now?” she asked. “I wonder if it’s the same because I think of you with that name, not the one that—“

    He tried to laugh, to make it lighter. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, right? Really, what’s in a name?”

    His smile was forced, hers wasn’t even a smile anymore, and there was too much silence in the room.

    “I don’t know,” she said quietly. “I don’t—“

  • Now for a rec or two!
    ☆ I don't think I could live with myself if I didn't publicize this wonderfuliciousness of wonderfulosity ASAP: sweet on you by [livejournal.com profile] moogle62, also a WIP. This fandom is exploding with WIPs.

    ☆ Another WIP from the [livejournal.com profile] tsn_kinkmeme: come out of the shade by anon.
    Jesse is the playwright and Andrew is playing his verysemi-autobiographical character. It also features the usual gang of TSN RPF + Emma Stone. BUT GUYS. This fic is--in my imagination, right--written in the 40s by someone as classy as IDEK Lauren Bacall or something. That is what is happening in my head--not reality, right, because there is no way that this fic connects to the 40s except viz my imagination--and it is so lovely.
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    Is there anyone who would be willing to beta my [livejournal.com profile] i_revsersebang fic? I hope to be mostly done with it sometime this weekend. I could give you something in return...I don't know what..a ficlet? Something. Point is, I would owe you.

    Now that the begging is out of the way, let's talk about the fics. I don't know what is UP with the TSN fandom, but people be cranking out these MASSIVE WIPs. I mean. These things are GLORIOUS. I have never even had a "WIP" tag on my delicious and now it is chockablock with things I check dozens of times every single day.

    kiss by the book by anon.
    Up to 8 parts and counting.

    This fic has it all. It has celebrity guest appearances by everyone lovely who can even tangentially be connected to the cast of TSN. And--far more importantly--it has the world's supply of happiness and warmfuzzies under lock and key at the mo'. "What's the plot, B?" you ask. Legit question. This whole awesome epic of adorbs started with this simple prompt: College, AU fic. Andrew meets dorky Jesse in the library, and is instantly smitten. Jesse is socially awkward and can barely manage talking with persistent Andrew ... so they find another way to communicate? Jesse has to have glasses. SO SIMPLE. And yet this fic is all that is good and true and magical. You have to read it to believe it.

    Bashert, Baby by [livejournal.com profile] raquel_el_pillo.
    Only 2 parts so far. Not updated all that often. :(

    Andrew is Jesse's new bodyguard. WHAT. I LOVE CLICHES. And this one is done so very well. I'm shocked more people aren't making a to-do over this fic, actually. It looks so very promising. And the entire first part is basically about how awkwardly Jesse orders coffee and, yeah, that's wonderful for my soul.

    Fortune and men's eyes by anon.
    5 parts and counting!

    Eduardo is actually the heir to the throne of Brazil. Mark doesn't know because he is just that much of a shut-in. He invades Eduardo's space when he's in desperate need of a laptop and Eduardo's is in the cafe with him--nevermind. I can't put words to this wonderfuliciousness. Can I just say--I saw the prompt and was like, Nah, man. That shit's too Disney. Then I read it anyway because I am post-prelims and have some time to kill....and this thing has eaten my soul. I LOVE it. I love it so much. I love it to a hyperbolic degree.

    Unexpected Relations by anon.
    6 parts and counting!

    So...ummm...I don't usually go in for this sort of thing but see the post-prelims reasoning above and you'll get why I opened this after it popped up in my delicious network a couple of times. The premise is this: Mark and Eduardo's single parents start dating and eventually get married. The boys are lovely in this--they're basically heartbreaking in very different, very subtle ways. It's looking like things might finally be getting better for them, though! Go, boys, go!


    A couple of points that make this an AWESOME INTERVIEW:
    ♥ He answers the question "what are you wearing?" with "well, I'm at home in boxers now...but I will be something darker [at the Oscars]."
    ♥ He tells a story about making a facebook page in Peter Segel's name. WHY DID HE DO THAT, THAT LOVEABLE FUZZBUNNY OF ADORBSNESS.
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    [EDIT: This is my pet project. I will update it when fic makes me squee.]

    I have been keeping this private for ages on my Private Person lj but I thought the public (which never actually sees this journal so, yeah) would benefit from my painstakingly accumulated list of awesome. You will note--if you are there, which is already as unlikely as Jodie Foster being the representative of the human race to aliens but it's still an awesome imaginary scenario so I will stick with it--that I speak to myself a lot. I tend to do that. Especially because of the existential crisis that is speaking to a public thing you think the public isn't reading. I will warn (assuming the existence of) you that, like, 99.999% of this is slash. I think one or two women may have made it on but it was against my better angels.

    Glee )

    Psych )

    Star Trek )

    Supernatural )

    J2 )

    Merlin and Merlin RPF )

    Harry Potter )


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