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A shout out to my fellow teachers out there--do you guys get the same heady mix of euphoria and despair when you have, like, only two assignments left and everything else is filled in on your excel spreadsheet for the semester? Like....I know this means I have a whole other batch or two to grade....and that sucks...but I'm so close.

ALSO. Watching SGA while I grade, yeah, and there was just a scene where Shepperd almost flew a kamikaze mission into the control tower and Rodney was obviously, like, "i love you bestest of all the people in all the universes" but John was all like, "I am unconcerned with your massive feelings and, as always, super excited about maybe dying" and Rodney made a face that was heartbreaking. Michael is sort of old hat by this point--though I totally dig his desperation for Teyla's approval and the fact that she Kicks So Much Ass--but that moment made this whole episode.

And then it turned out John didn't have to run the kamikaze mission and somehow in like two seconds flat Rodney was in charge of flying the puddlejumper in a probably-not-suicidal way. And you can just see on Rodney's face that he's uncomfortable because this is a thing John was totally sort of thrilled about dying in a second ago and Rodney doesn't like things that John's so comfortable about dying in and...GOD. RODNEY MAKES ME HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS.

[EDIT: Then I watched the Bill Nye and co. episode and GOD DAVID HEWLETT YOUR FACE I CAN'T GRAMMAR PROPERLY WHEN YOU MAKE THAT FACE. But also: I am confused by why show has super-imposed Jennifer on Shepperd. Cuz that's Shepperd!face he's making, no doubt.]

[EDIT II, RETURN OF EDIT: Is there fic out there with Shepperd accompanying Rodney to the physics thing instead of Keller?]
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I am awarding myself an ironic award tonight for completing TWO. WHOLE. SENTENCES. in my dissertation. (Four if you count the two I added and then deleted. [Also. There were like ten hours between each of those steps.] Six if you count the false starts too.)


OK. That's enough waffle about teaching.

Other news: fabulous roommates and I are sticking together for another year (yay!), we're also getting Family Holiday Portraits at JC Penney this week because two out of four of us (me!) have never done so before (yay!), and the semester is almost over (YAAAAAAY!).

On the other hand, I am almost finished with Stargate: Atlantis (BOOOOOO!) and am already feeling Rodney withdrawal. I just....I love him. Lots. With all of my many Feelings and Thoughts. I always talk to my TV when I watch, yeah, but I stopped using his name at all like a hundred episodes ago (<--hyperbole to my left) and have started, at first unconsciously, referring to him primarily as "Babe." As if I was Danny and he was my Steve. I am H50-ing my love for him. It's crazy pants up in my head, is what I'm saying.

Look at this now:
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Just watched the SGA episode called "Sunday."

I don't think I will ever recover.
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So: confession. I have had a beef with the Stargate franchise for ages. You're not going to understand the logic, frankly, because there is little-to-no logic involved, it was all based on feelings. But, to make a long story short, I sort of blamed them for the end of Farscape. And, yes, I have also always been aware that they subsequently gave Claudia Black and Ben Browder jobs and I usually let bygones-be-bygones when shows I have grudges against give my favorite actors roles. Somehow, my grudge against Stargate persisted.

But I always knew, like, in the back of my mind/heart, that I was gonna love Stargate: Atlantis. That's probably a goodly portion of why my grudge lasted so interminably. And then it turned up on Netflix instant and I was like, "Just watch it, B. You probably were wrong about how you were going to love it instantly and passionately. You'll probably be able to have an even stronger grudge after."

That was not the case. I started, like, two nights ago. I'm already well into Season 2. I have work to do, you know. It's like the revenge of the franchise, this whole absorbing-my-whole-life-and-leaving-no-time-for-real-life-BS stuff. I already said I was sorry, franchise. Can't we just let bygones be bygones?

But, yes. My life is full of Atlantis right now.

I have a question, though. I am pretty perplexed by the Ronan Dex--why didn't the Wraith eat him? I have tried googling this (my Google history was already a shitshow of crazypants, not the least of which is the frantic question "How yu stop flambe??" from that minor emergency in the kitchen a couple of months ago) and have come up with contradictory answers. Can anybody help me out here?

TV thoughts

Nov. 4th, 2011 04:15 pm
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Here's my thoughts on TV....

Downton Abbey, Once Upon A Time, and Grimm spoiler warning )


I totally missed this movie while it was out in theaters. I will make up for it by watching it THOUSANDS OF TIMES now.
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So I had misgivings.

I no longer have misgivings.
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So I have these new roommates who make my life full of butterflies and rainbows all the time (it's very distracting...and awesome) and we were having wine on our mini-porch--it's wooden and we can all fit if we scrunch--when New Roomie #1 asks what's the big deal about Firefly.

I haven't had the new roomies so long and usually I keep the geekier geekiness under wraps for at least the first month of a new friendship. But, hey. We already watched all of The Matrix movies together (made better by the company) and were contemplating starting a Lord of the Rings marathon. So. I opened my mouth to give my explanation when New Roomie #2 (and perpetual Peter Pan, so much so that we call him "Boy") starts in with his instead.

It included zooooom noises and running around the driveway.

Conclusion: New roomies are magicsauce.

Also: I watched Panam. I have a strange urge to watch it regularly all season long. It's about planes. And going places. And featured a riDICulous segment about the Bay of Pigs. I think it's hilarious that it thinks it's empowering those women, though. Hot≠new Darwinianin evolution of women. Sorry.

Alsoalso: The New Girl. I see pearls of awesome in that hotmess, I swear I do. Give it some time to smooth out the kinks and it could evolve into a great sitcom. Don't we all agree that's what happened to How I Met Your Mother? First season was nowhere near as clever and awesome as it would later turn out to be. It looked like a Friends knockoff at first. I'm just sayin.

I have a meeting with my advisor in....two hours....about how she expects me to go from no dissertation to a whole chapter by the end of this term. Yeah. I'm freaking out in my head a lot:
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Am I the only one who feels like Moffat has absolutely no respect for his audience's intelligence with this season's arc? Let me break it down for you under a cut.

Break it down for the children. )

To illustrate my point, watch this fan video.

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So I have been swallowed whole by Dan Simmons's novel Drood this past weekend. I thought it would be a nice, easy read to return to during my (many) bouts of insomnia. Ha ha, I laugh at my naivete. That book is fricking addictive.

So I started downloading episode one of The Hour before Drood and then, now that I've finished aforementioned potboiler, I found it downloaded. I had no idea what it was, all non-Drood thoughts having been blasted hence by sheer awesome, so I was like, "Huh, what is this, maybe I should just put it on and knit this sock for a bit."

And let me tell you, I forgot about the sock within like a minute. Romola Garai. Ben Whishaw. Dominic West. Hell, there was even a History Boy alum in there. This cast is like....

No, really, LOOK AT THIS CAST. )

I kid you not. Also...set in 1956. In London. In a newsroom.

See, my problem with Mad Men has always been the payoff. I mean, yes, that show does stuff aesthetically that makes me weak at the knees. There's no denying that. But what is it for, at the end of the day? Is it just a puff of smoke, just a beautiful garnish? So far--and I'm only one episode in so I will cry if it proves otherwise--The Hour has just as much of the aesthetic and the poise but it's also got something under it, something that means more than the simply accurate recreation of a historical moment.

But, to be honest, I love everything about journalism. My grandfather was a journalist (and covered a Hitler rally in Germany before he fought in the war itself). I just believe in it, you know, in a way I don't believe in many things. And so does this show. So I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
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I saw two films today. Because I am no longer a teenager, I did not theater-hop. I paid for both. I think this justifies my upcoming rant tangent digression.

I will just start by saying that my hopes were moderately high for one and abysmally low for the other. Both surprised me greatly.

....suuuuspense.... )

In other news, I'm almost done with my syllabus for next semester. Highlights include: Exit Through the Gift Shop, My Fair Lady, George Carlin's "Seven Words You Can't Say on Television," and an article from Vanity Fair. Yes, my reading lists are eclectic. They are definitely that.

Plus, I'm trying to draft a proposal for a course for Comp Lit in the winter more geared towards my actual area of expertise, 19th century Japan-related texts. I'm thinking I might propose a course based on travel narratives on the far east, a sort of "orientalism" in practice sort of thing. That's still in the works.

Last note: did anyone see this week's So You Think You Can Dance? If you didn't, check this shiz-nit out:

Did you see that jump at 1:17? Did you see that??

a TV meme

Jun. 8th, 2011 01:50 pm
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...because it is too hot to have thoughts.

Pick five of your favorite shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them.

1. Parks and Recreation
2. Sports Night
3. Doctor Who
4. Hustle
5. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Questions and Answers ahead.... )

Well, that was fun.

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Wallace Stevens: "Summer is like a perfection of thought."

William Carlos Williams: "In summer, the song sings itself."

Henry James: "Summer afternoon--summer afternoon...the two most beautiful words in the English language."

And yet, despite knowing such great thinkers feel this way about summer, I'm much more aligned with the Manny school of thought:

One of these days, I might just end up on some cars in the street, is all I'm saying.

I can't get myself to do anything. Not dissertation, not funtimes writing, not necessary household work, not grocery shopping....

Things I have been doing:
1) watching In Treatment. Makes me want therapy just for the helluvit.
2) re-watching Sports Night because I will always love Dan. I have this thing for characters named Dan/Danny. Especially written by Sorkin. IDEK.
3) I went on a mini-vacation with the family. We're about to go on the longer one to Denmark but I am temporarily back in my Real Adult Person home to do some "work" beforehand. Now if I could just get some actualfacts work done, that'd be aces.

If only it wasn't summer...I would have so much energy and will to accomplish shit if it wasn't summer!
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Just spent an hour reviewing the books on the transmission of Japanese pornography in Japan and Beardsley. Not a bad way to spend an evening night.

Also--because nothing, not even the awareness of my own mortality brought on by PRELIMS, can stop my love for Jon Stewart--can we have a moment to all agree that he's the bestest of the best, the wonderfulest of wonderfuls? Say it loud, say it proud: I <3 JON.

(This all in reference to the humility he displayed in tonight's episode when talking about the respect he had for Kambiz Hosseini & Saman Arbabi...and the fact he had them on his show. I love you, man. I love you for ever.)
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So I have this love of television. I'm a grad student in English Language & Literature and I understand that The Thing To Do is to pretend I'm so above television and all...I knooooow. But the thing is...I really do think it's a venue for some of the greatest storytelling the last century has seen. Definitely the last couple of decades. And we are a resilient species when it comes to finding outlets for our artistic impulses and we will infest this planet with art if we don't get in our own way too often.

My point is that television is great. I have cried, I have laughed, I have done both of those things at the same time, and I have done gradations of every emotion on the spectrum between them. It is a great medium. Dickens would, if he were alive today, so be writing for television. He'd be all like, "Dudes. I liked the novels--don't get me wrong. But TV is what I'm talking about."

And of the TV shows I have loved most--and there have been some intense relationships with shows in my life (I'm looking at you, Firefly)--I have to say...Aaron Sorkin sorta kinda makes my heart strings play beautiful, beautiful melodies. In five part harmony. It is a Big Deal.

And I saw West Wing first. It will have my heart till the day I die. A good chunk of my obsession with bad take out comes from the romanticism of their late night planning-to-make-the-world-better-and-pass-me-the-dim-sum sessions. Then I saw Studio 60. I KNOW that I am nearly alone in this but YES. I love that one too. The episode where the dude who got ousted during McCarthyism comes back all amnesiacally? GOLD. PURE GOLD.

But I had never seen Sports Night. I just resisted it. I thought, nah, that can't be for me. It's about sports. And...just sports. And Felicity Huffman.


Just...so many. So, so many.

Also: a product from the past week's late night sleep deprived madness. Five Reasons You Should Never Offer Me A Dictatorship. )

Yet again...this is why I need a "i make weird choices" tag. Because...my choices. They are weird.

PS -- in real life news...the presentation happened. It wasn't the best, it wasn't the worst. And I fly home--home, sweet Jersey, home--on Friday. [insert exclamation of joy that is up to the task of expressing the enthusiasm I feel for Jersey and my fam--honestly, I don't think language has caught up to my emotional state yet]
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Top 10 Strong Female Characters of Television

Because I am--apparently--still doing this.

Don't interrupt me. You see, I'm gonna dazzle you with my poor human brain. )

I went scrolling through the wikipedia lists of television shows to make this list and, now that I've finished, I've realized how infrequently women are portrayed with any kind of depth or strength in non-sci-fi/action shows. There are some notable exceptions (see list above) but it is still more than a little disconcerting. Especially since sci-fi and action are traditionally aimed at men, not women. And its women who need to see stronger depictions of femininity on television, not men.
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So somehow all this Harry Potter nostalgia business lead to me re-watching Doctor Who episodes and now I'm making a list. I like lists. I'm the opposite of organized in most ways but I really do like a good list.

This is my Top Ten Episodes of DW (since the reboot in 2005)

This way madness lies... )

Now that I've gotten that out of my system....I want to make more lists. I love lists. Can anyone think of other things I can make lists of? Top Fives? Anything?
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If you're not watching Hawaii Five-0, you are doing something wrong. For serious. If you need convincing (beyond me flapping my hands inarticulately at you), you should go see [livejournal.com profile] thisissirius's primer of awesome.

But I don't have time, right this second, to do all the HTML coding and whatnot (and the squeeing that must MUST happen when I search through the Google images of these fellas) and the convincing and whatever because...GUYS...I have found something truly lovely.

A couple of points:
1) Finish each other's sentences much, guys? CAN I SQUISH YOUR CHEEKS?
2) Everyone should make fun of Scott Caan's hair forever and ever and that's the same thing as saying "and they all lived happily ever after" because that is truth.
3) Yeah, SCOTT, what IS so awesome about working with Alex? HUH? TELL US, SCOTT.

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I was such a big fan at the beginning. I'm behind anything that brings musicals back into popular awareness--it's a genre that tends to get ignored and its awesome. So I was like, "Sweet. A musicals TV show." when it started. And the music is great--auto-tune, schmauto-tune, if you ask me. It's fun listening. And I like shows that tout their allegiance to the underdogs of teen culture. There are groups of kids--overweight, queer, teens of color, minorities, geeks, what you will--that desperately need somewhere to look to on TV.

Unfortunately, this ain't it. It talked the good talk and then it failed to practice what it preached.

I have a feeling this is gonna go long... )

Imma stop now because there's this vein on my temple that might explode.

I always end up shouting at Glee when I watch it. I shout at the TV most of the time but Glee MUCH MORE than the norm.

[P.S.--Just so you know, I DO believe that a show has an ideology not necessarily related to the ideology of its creators. I mean...a show is a sum of its parts, right? There's no one writer--not even the show runner--who can claim the entire span of opinions and positions a show has taken in its run. So the show has its own positions. And I'm talking about the SHOW in this entry. I have no idea who is responsible for the massive problems of this show. I just...it makes my soul cry. This show makes my soul cry.]
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I made the new rule for myself--(this is a thing I do, bee-tee-dubs, this making absurd rules for myself. I was raised by hippies and I tend to get all angry-teen when other people make rules for me but I seem to adore doing it to myself)--that I wouldn't grade more than three papers in a day. It seems best for everyone. This way, I don't ever work up the anger to fail someone for stupid shit (I was this close to failing someone for douchiness which, let's face it, is not an exact science) and they don't make my eyeballs melt out of my skull. Everyone leaves...undead. So that's nice.

Except, of course, it means the whole process has dragged out for a week now. That, and there's been this scholar visiting my department who is so cool and smart and I already have a bad habit of saying and doing absurd things around people I admire (I once told a professor that the incoming class was "large and doesn't drink coffee" which...dubiously true and sooo weird) .... so I have been one awkward comment shy of absurd for days.

So. This means--now that the lady has gone and I managed to maintain a veneer of adulthood for the duration of her visit and the papers are nearly graded--I can breathe.

Oh wait. There's still my orals to think of.

It's time for some Firefly and no mistake.

There's going to have to be a tangent soon about why Bones and Glee are shows that have broken my heart and pushed me to the brink of swearing off Fox as a network. I have thoughts and someone started me on the topic over lunch today.

Dear TV

Oct. 9th, 2010 12:33 am
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Dear Supernatural,

Hi. I have hearted you for an epic span of years now considering that my affections have tended to flit back and forth between shoes faster than you can say "Bob's your uncle" most of the time. But I have stayed true to you--I'm not gonna lie, mostly because of Dean's face. And the way you deal with food. And that one episode last season with all the meta commentary about television. So my heart: you have had it for a long time.

BUT. Where have your writers gone, show? Did you fire them all? Did they just wander away this season? Did you forget you need them? Jensen Ackles is too lovely to be uttering this crap. Misha is sexy!smart. He shouldn't have to muddle through that stuff.

I'm just saying. Bring back your A game, show. Please.



PS - The Best Thing I Ever Ate did a special on burgers right after you aired tonight. I heart coincidence when it hearts me back.


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