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So me and my ukulele, Buttercup, have been making progress. I stopped playing for a bit because my little brother made fun of us over Christmas break...but I have recently come to the conclusion that Buttercup and I simply do not care if we are not proper musicians. Lots of lovely people are not proper musicians.

Me and my ukulele...and the Tennessee Waltz. )
Suck on that, bro!

ALSO. Has everyone seen the short film starring Andrew Garfield? YOU MUST. GO NOW.

☆ I think this may be one of the best short films I've ever seen. I was totally fooled by the saccharine-sweet romance at the beginning. I almost closed the browser when it suddenly became so very fascinating. I don't know if I would call this a tragedy, a love story, or a comedy. It could be any of those and about a million other options all at the same time.

The rest of my waffle about this film contains spoilers. Sorry. I couldn't help it. )

It's on Youtube in three parts too. Here's the first one:

PLEASE let me know what you think of this film--I'm endlessly intrigued by it. And Andrew Garfield is, of course, brilliant in it.
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I've had my ukulele (named Buttercup by my roommates because I only wanted to learn the ukulele because of Julia Nunes's cover) for a little over a month now. If I had shown proper appreciation of her, I would have celebrated on the day itself. But I have been busy with the conference and the beginning of the semester so I am nine days late.

Me and my ukulele are under this cut. And we are singing the Beatles. Oh yeah. )
Also. Because I am the type of person who trolls ModCloth and the likes, I have a fashion question for the ether. What do you guys think of this dress:

I am perplexed by it. I mean, it's one of the loveliest fits I've seen on ModCloth in a long time but...the armpit cut-outs. I don't know. That seems like its asking for trouble. Then again, it might be the answer I've been looking for all my life to the pit-stains that plague me.

So...what do you think?
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After working on it for, like NO JOKE, four hours or something...my lesson plan for tomorrow has developed a side note that is ACTUALLY THIS:

Watson is a BAMF:
1) army
2) honest, dependable, self-deprecating
3) BFF (see Blanched Soldier: Holmes jealous of W's marriage)
4) good doctor (see Adventure of the Dying Detective and H's respect for W's skillz)
5) swashbuckler (see Sign of Four [poisoned darts], Baskerville [fights devil-dog], Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton [scales a wall while being chased by the po-po], His Last Bow [past sixty and joins the army again for WWI], also who carries the pistol in this relationship? Yes, that's right. It's W]
6) ladies man (see obsessive descriptions of ladies ALL OVER)
7) gambling man (see Adventure of the Dancing Man and how Holmes keeps his checkbook for him)

Ladies and gentleman, I kid you not...I am teaching this tomorrow. What. HOW did I get put in charge of a class??

Also...half of my discussion questions start with "What's up with the..."

In other news: I have named my ukulele. It is called Buttercup now.
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My dad--dad of dads, you all WISH you had my dad--actually believed me when I said I wanted to learn the ukulele and has sent me one for my birthday. WHAT. I am the luckiest girl of ever. And I have all sorts of dreams of folksy-adorability and hanging around grassy fields with my new uke in tow and serenading passers-by. The World won't know what hit it.

For the moment, though, I had to put it away because (a) it's the middle of the night now and nobody wants to hear how well I play the C and the G chord anymore and (b) my fingers hurt from all my playtime. Oh, right, and I only have a half-assed lesson plan for tomorrow. La-di-da, as Diane Keaton once said.

I am plan to be just like Julia Nunes...except for, you know, being different. And much less talented.

Not related to the ukulele at all (except in my mind because the banjo is #2 on my list of Instruments I Might Take The Time To Learn One Day When Grad School Releases the Death Grip It Has On The Gonads I Don't Have)...I would like to take a moment to point anyone and everyone who might drop by towards Lauren O'Connell's version of Oh Death. She does a fantastic job with it.


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