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So, yeah, I was bumming around this afternoon/evening--I have an absurdly early schedule on Mondays and have habitually bad sleeping practices so I am good for absolutely nothing post 5 PM on Mondays--and I was reminded of that trend a couple months back of genderswapping casts. Do you guys know what I'm talking about? This one for Inception was the one in particular that I ran into again.

And then I had my absurd thought of the day---or, more accurately, maxed out my "absurd thought" quota for the day--because my honest-to-god first thought was: Huh. Wonder if that would work on The Social Network.

I try to remember there are actual people who are not the movie actual people--and, honestly, I sort of have grown to weirdly love RL!Mark Zuckerberg since the film came out--but DUDES. Would this not be a fun exercise?

I'll go back to my corner now.
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My prelims are just slightly more than two weeks away. I swear, there's an "oh shit oh shit oh shit" mantra going through the back of my brain all the time these days. I am panicking so much I have begun to forget things--like manners and the English language and to eat.

SO. Like I always do in times of need--when my mother used to say, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" because, honestly, she was made of different stuff from the rest of us--I am procrastinating. I am procrastinating like there was an Olympic event for it and I was aiming for the gold. I am procrastinating like it's going out of style.

On the one hand, internet, you should have this in return for the love I bear you:

AND NOW THIS. This is what the internet gives ME because it loves ME:

"How d'you know I don't have a big house?"

I have also been knitting like a crazy person. I am making the most fugly teal circle (you could ask why but then I would have to say something annoying like "ask me no silly questions, I'll tell you no silly lies" or "..to make a fugly teal circle?")...all I want from life is to knit the fugliest sweater some day, the kind I will give to relatives at major holidays and they will make faces behind my back because they are so ugly. I am majorly excited, no joke, to someday be that crazy aunt.

When I fail prelims--I know, I probably won't, yes, I get that in my brain but, guys, panic is panic is panic--I will move to a shack in some frozen woodland with a cow (whom I will also name Bessie and she shall be called Bessie 2 or The Return of Bessie) and I will knit all my own clothes and own several cats who will be mostly feral and kill lots of mice. That is my backup plan.
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I lied. I don't have any important news. I only have this fact: the OED word-of-the-day today is "hoot(e)nanny." (I use that crazy spelling because they did it first.)

This has long since been a favorite word of mine.

My favorite moment in the definition was in the examples of usage: "Hootenanny.‥is to the folk singer what a jam session is to the jazzman." IS THIS TRUE, PEOPLE? IS THE COMPARISON JUST? I DON'T KNOW.

Also fabulous: "I love folk music, but the name ‘Hootenanny’ rather repels me."

So, in short: I am a giant dork and I love the OED like whoa. In case you are unclear on how a person can love like whoa, Mya will explain in further detail:

I have used Mya's grammatical construction more times than I can count. I think we should all just admit that she is wizard and be done with it. Because only Mya understands the value of pausing for a tap solo, right? Am I right? And, true, girl is not Gene Kelly. BUT. Would Gene have benefited from detachable pants in the middle of, say, Singing in the Rain? OBVIOUSLY the answer is "yes." Mya has wisdom for us, peoples. She has wisdom.

PS - There are reasons I should not be allowed online in the wee hours. Entries like this are at the top of the list. SORRY INTERNET.
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So I have this love of television. I'm a grad student in English Language & Literature and I understand that The Thing To Do is to pretend I'm so above television and all...I knooooow. But the thing is...I really do think it's a venue for some of the greatest storytelling the last century has seen. Definitely the last couple of decades. And we are a resilient species when it comes to finding outlets for our artistic impulses and we will infest this planet with art if we don't get in our own way too often.

My point is that television is great. I have cried, I have laughed, I have done both of those things at the same time, and I have done gradations of every emotion on the spectrum between them. It is a great medium. Dickens would, if he were alive today, so be writing for television. He'd be all like, "Dudes. I liked the novels--don't get me wrong. But TV is what I'm talking about."

And of the TV shows I have loved most--and there have been some intense relationships with shows in my life (I'm looking at you, Firefly)--I have to say...Aaron Sorkin sorta kinda makes my heart strings play beautiful, beautiful melodies. In five part harmony. It is a Big Deal.

And I saw West Wing first. It will have my heart till the day I die. A good chunk of my obsession with bad take out comes from the romanticism of their late night planning-to-make-the-world-better-and-pass-me-the-dim-sum sessions. Then I saw Studio 60. I KNOW that I am nearly alone in this but YES. I love that one too. The episode where the dude who got ousted during McCarthyism comes back all amnesiacally? GOLD. PURE GOLD.

But I had never seen Sports Night. I just resisted it. I thought, nah, that can't be for me. It's about sports. And...just sports. And Felicity Huffman.


Just...so many. So, so many.

Also: a product from the past week's late night sleep deprived madness. Five Reasons You Should Never Offer Me A Dictatorship. )

Yet again...this is why I need a "i make weird choices" tag. Because...my choices. They are weird.

PS -- in real life news...the presentation happened. It wasn't the best, it wasn't the worst. And I fly home--home, sweet Jersey, home--on Friday. [insert exclamation of joy that is up to the task of expressing the enthusiasm I feel for Jersey and my fam--honestly, I don't think language has caught up to my emotional state yet]
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So I am a dutiful sister or whatnot so I will actually be doing what mine told me to (sleep) soon (no really, I so totally am gonna sleep)....




I have been working non-stop ALL DAY--that's, like, a gaZILLION hours of serious!face bizniss and my brain has MAXED OUT. No joke. And I tend to make weird internet choices in the middle of the night (it's 2:30 AM) ...


BUT. I now have sufficient material for my presentation tomorrow. And I will only have to say, "Oh, wait, that's not written yet" .... a couple dozen times. BUT IT'S OK.


It is a three minute mp3. WHAT.


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Still working on the same paper...I just read the six billionth (fourth, my god, B, you are so very hyperbolic) newspaper article by Edward H. House about Japan. I have to make a paper about them fast because I accidentally volunteered to go first on Monday in our presentations.

It was an accident like this:
I have a tag for my weird life choices because they are so weird )

BUT YES. Back to my point. The PAPER I am writing for this Transatlantic Print Culture and Race in the Nineteenth Century course is about...almost all of the things in the title. Just a different ocean. So it's about House's articles about Japan for American readers back in New York and Boston. See how I did that?

Race? Check.
Print Culture? Check.
Transatlanticpacific? CHECK.

House's articles turn out to be pretty fervently anti-British and anti-Catholic. I called my sister--a medieval and Renaissance grad student--and asked her WTF.

"I get the anti-Catholic stuff in Britain," quoth I. "What's it doing here when the guy is also anti-British?"*

* I was raised atheist--stringently atheist-- and quasi-hippie so I say shit like this out loud and then people give me weird looks. I just. I don't get most religious stuff. It is ALL foreign to me. Also. I once had a history teacher in high school who taught the same two pages of the text book every single day for a year and then skipped to WWII. I am missing CHUNKS of history.

"You're stupid," she said (but nicer) and then explained the Puritans. In the five minutes she had to spare before she continued to fete her hubby for passing his prelims. (She has been feting him for about a week now. I called the other night and they were drinking champagne and eating burgers. Even I would not do that. They were, unsurprisingly, sick afterward.)

I'm still mostly confused and very much unsure of how this all relates back to the Reformation. She assures me it does. So I guess I'm writing my paper about re-staging the Reformation in Japan via America?

...that is so stupid. Now my head hurts.
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Things I Intended To Do Today (and made all sort of promises to myself before I went to sleep last night):

- write at least five pages of my seminar paper
- clean my room -- there is a monster growing under one of the piles of clothes, I'm pretty sure
- shower
- wake up before noon
- eat some meals (one of the hardest things on the list--I usually manage to remember one meal in a day)
- revise my prelims list

Things I Have Accomplished As Of 4 PM:

- shower

And I only just did that.

In other news, my friend convinced me to buy a beautiful pumpkin vintage coat yesterday. It is lovely. Also. I drank much coffee today and that makes me very happy.
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So this friend of mine quit our English PhD program last year and was accepted to all law schools everywhere and--draaaamaaaa--ended up staying here and going to ours. Which was awesome for everyone but nail-biting-craziness for like nine months.

I was having lunch with this friend on Thursday and she was like, "so how are you ending your semester?" I assumed she was talking about next Tuesday, the day I thought would be the end of the semester. And I was--not gonna lie--more than slightly freaked out by the fact that I hadn't thought of anything sufficiently hear-swelling. And she had just finished telling me about the soaring-rhetoric of all of her end of terms classes (because you can send your students out into the world to save bunny rabbits and starving salmon when you're sending them into LAW) and I love me some soaring rhetoric. I watch old West Wing clips. I have them favorited on Youtube. My brother knows that he can never piss me off enough that a West Wing clip on my facebook wall won't make it all better.

But, no, my friend's like, "No, silly rabbit, I meant today."

And I made this face:

Because that meant I had an hour to come up with Serious Business Lesson Plan instead of the Happy Funtimes Lesson Plan I was planning to use that day.

I ended up doing a Frankenstein's Monster (yes, people, Frankenstein is the doctor) Lesson Plan in which we (a) finished the presentations I had not allotted enough time for before, (b) workshopped all their projects despite how very much they didn't need it, and (c) had a nice little Henry V inspired moment of rhetorical whatnot from yours truly.

Yeah, you heard me. I use Henry V as my rhetorical model in all things.

"We few, we happy few who learned how to write basic essays in this course, we band of brothers..."

It is good stuff.

Only--unlike training people to save all the under-represented cactii of the world or whatever you learn in law school--I only had that one trick in the bag. So it was like a fast-forwarded version of Hal but with the volume turned waaaay down. He's all like "once more into the breach, my friends!" and I'm like, "you're going to end up writing maaaaaany more essays before we let you leave this college."

Not so soaring.

That is my story. I ended class like that. And then I said "Merry Christmas." pause. "And Happy Hanukkah." pause. "And Kwanzaa. And SOLSTICE AND ALL THE HOLIDAYS I LOVE THEM BWAHAHAHA."

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I am STILL not done. This just goes to show that I read Emma Dilemma too many times as a child. (There's a line somewhere near the beginning that says, "Emma liked lists" and describes all the places she hides her lists. So. Let's blame that.)

5 Songs That Threaten Violence But, Hey, No One Ever Accused Me of Being Sensible )

Yep. I did that.

Now I'm gonna go wrestle the school's library for the Nov. 28, 1878 New York Tribune that they claim not to own.
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Back from Thanksgiving and, apparently, not done with lists yet...still looking for suggestions for what to make a list of next.

Top Five Songs about Friendship )

Now, I should go back to reading Contending Forces for class tomorrow or A Yankee in Meiji Japan for prelims or grading papers for Tuesday...anybody want to lay odds on me not doing any of those things?

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So I like, totally and unabasedly love my undergrads. I get all heart!eyes at them all the time when they say clever things or even not-so-clever things that show signs of maybe clever things happening in their heads. I mean. I am a little ridiculous about them.

And, right, so my reading material for this course is all detectives and stuuuufff and there's nothing like my deep and abiding love of Watso--*cough* Sherlock Holmes. So. That is also quite rawk.

The PROBLEM, of course (who didn't see this coming??), is the craptacularness of their writing. This has always been true for me and, luckily, does not interfere with my Teacher Love. That, I think, is my actual philosophy on teaching. I am about to be asked to articulate my philosophy on teaching in my hippy-dippy teaching "circle" (it's a class, OK, call a spade a fucking spade) tomorrow and I may just wax poetic on Teacher Love.

GOD. It is SAD and WEIRD how much I model my teaching self on a skeevy-free Hector and fluffier Irwine. WHO, in their right mind, uses History Boys as a life lesson. I ask you.

Their sucktastic writing has made my head hurt. Also. I don't know why they have such massive loathing for Dupin. I mean. He's a bit snooty but...Holmes isn't?? Since when?

SUCH a load of awful. The closest-to-being-decent paper in the lot compared Dupin to a peacock who had to ruffle his luxurious feathers in the narrator's face. I mean. I don't even know what that means.


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